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Coats for horses

Lovingly called "FH" for horses. Men's show jacket for horses. Safeguard your horse from the elements with a large selection of turnout covers from top brands such as Bucas & Horseware. Women's riding jackets are designed to allow freedom of movement in the saddle without impairment.

The winter riding jackets range from light wind jackets to heavy parkas.

Horse Brands

Italia For Horses is an Italien producer specialized in the production of lightweight high speed jodhpurs for both show jumper and vault. Both the Minnie and Miky jodhpurs (for women) are the lightweight jodhpurs with a silicon strap on the knees. From the best-selling lace shirt Luna to the top -selling knees leggings tights, FH still produces breathtaking garments.

Push Up jodhpurs are the latest thrilling supplement of the FH range. Consumers who used to wear the more costly jodhpurs preferred the outstanding wearing quality and fitting of FH's lightweight jodhpurs for women.

Point Blankets for Horses | Land & Stable

If you want to fight the outdoor fight against the weather, a high-quality soft rug is indispensable for your horse's well being. Soaking can help keep your horses hot and cold, with different weight options available for different seasons - easier for summers and harder for winters.

Imagine wearing a coat when you walk out. At Country & Stable we have a great range of rugs available in different models, shapes and dimensions for almost any size of rider. Among the most trustworthy companies in the business are Bucas, Weatherbeeta and the legendary Horseware Rambo and Amigo series.

Buy horse covers today and benefit from our astonishing pricing - plus free delivery on orders over $100 in the US and Canada.

If you should cover your horses

Are you and your horses living in a cool temper? Does your stallion often drop down in the fields? After spending innumerable years cleaning your award-winning showhorses for the lighting of competitions, does he enjoy a role in the dirt and muck? Whatever your circumstances, ceilings can be the solution to many of your problems.

Indeed, a matching rug or scarf can be one of the most important investment you can make when it comes to the condition and appearance of your horses. Rugs are a simple and often economic way to keep your horses protected from coldness, bad news, surplus soil, dung and silt.

Furthermore, cleaning frequently will remove naturally-oiled hair from your horse's fur, but covers and bed linen will help to provide a much-needed protective coating regardless of the weathers. Quilts and bed linen are available in a wide range of designs and fabrics. In general, a rug will fit over your horse's whole length - shoulders, back, leg and hind legs - from shoulders to tails.

The open front and gusset give your horses more room to move while they are on the fields or pastures. No matter the type, but a belt around the belt and the back thighs help to keep the ceiling in place at all time. Frequently asked are the following Q&A: Should I cover my horses?

Covering your own horses or not is very much dependent on your own personal situation and the environment in which you work. These are some cases where a cover can be advantageous for your horse: When should I start to cover my own stallion? Usually you should start to cover your stallion when you first find him unwell in colder days.

If your stallion does not shake, you can cover your stallion in strong winds, rain or snow. It is possible that your stallion will benefit from a rug at midnight when the weather is still warmer.

Which kind of ceiling should I use? Your choice of ceiling will depend on your specific needs. Take into account the meteorological conditions, the overall climatic conditions in your region and how your horses react to coldness, precipitation, wind as well as powder. Thin plate is perfect for minimum solar shading or protecting against debris and dusts.

When your area gets large quantities of coldness, precipitation or snows, select a weatherproof ceiling. There are also two quilts at your disposal so that you can clean one quilt while your mare is carrying the other. Can I tell if my stallion is too warm when he is pale?

If your mare is too hot, he can give you bodily signals. Perspiration behind your ear or around your throat is a traitorous indication that your mare is too hot when she wears his rug. Look for indications of your horses becoming overheated due to the lack of perspiration (anhidrosis) and overbreathing.

You may overheat if you cover your stallion when the weather is hot but the night is still freezing and the cover is not taken off early enough in the mornings. Wh-what's brightet-zapping? Branket is like a person who gets a sickness. Branket zip is created when a rug is taken off from your equine, leading to electrostatic charge, which causes a piercing electrostatic zapping on your equine and you.

It is especially frequent in arid conditions or when your horse's fur is very arid. Avoid zapping the rug by NOT sliding it over your stallion when taking it off your sled. Instead, try to lift the rug off your horse's back by raising it off the ground.

Brushing or grooming your horses more frequently will spread your horse's naturally-oiled skin over the grooming, which also minimizes zapping of the mantle. I can' t tell if the rug matches my mare. Ceilings are usually produced for a certain area. If you buy a rug, select one with a fitting area.

Most of them, however, have either variable or flexible belts, clubs and thigh belts that allow the cover or cloth to be adjusted to different heights. From the middle of your horse's breast, around the broadest part of the shoulders and hind legs to the middle of the cock. Round up to the next bigger one if your animal has a thick fur or if the cover or cloth is mainly used in the season, when your horse's fur grows out.

Keep in mind that loose quilts and sheeting are more convenient and look better than quilts or sheeting that are too close together. With the best matching rugs and sheeting, you can place your hands between your horse's rugs and ankles. How do I get my stallion to chew on the ceiling?

Unfortunately, some horses like to bite on quilts and sheet. This does not mean, however, that your stallion cannot carry her. Horseproof anti-chew surgeries, such as Stop? chewable chews, are available with an unfavourable flavour that you can apply directly to the ceiling to avoid undesirable mastication. Maybe you want to offer a toy or treat like the Amazing Graze Treat Dispenser or the Jolly Apple to keep your horses entertained and distracted from your chomp.

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