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Full commission of James Patterson books in publication and chronological order. Writer James Patterson's complete list of books and series in order, with the latest publications, covers, descriptions and availabilities. Patterson is the world's best-selling author.

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Patterson is the world's best-selling writer, known for his many long-lasting iconic fiction al stories, such as Alex Cross, The Women's Murder Club, Michael Bennett, Maximum Ride, Middle School, Ifunny, and Jacky Ha-Ha. Patterson's typing curriculum is shaped by a unique mission: to show everyone, from childhood to adulthood, that there is such a thing as a someone who "doesn't like to read", only those who haven't found the right one.

He has given over a million books to schoolchildren and over forty million US dollar to help with educational needs and has donated over five thousand collegiate grants to help educate students.


Patterson is a productive writer of suspense writers, enigmas, young adults and more. Alex Cross, a graduate in psychology, was his first success. James Patterson, b. March 22, 1947 in Newburgh, New York, is a productive writer who has authored investigative tales, mystery plays, sci-fi, novels, as well as young adults' books.

In 1976 his first full-length publication was released; 20 years later he quit his promotional profession to concentrate on his writing. The Guinness world record is held by Patterson because he has the most books on the New York Times bestseller lists. The writer James B. Patterson was in Newburgh, New York, on 22 March 1947 native.

He was a good pupil, but only read after finishing high school. After one year Patterson quit Vanderbilt and took a position as a songwriter at the advertising firm J. Walter Thompson in 1971. Although Patterson rose to the top of the company's ladder and became its North American CEO, he also used to write his own stories in his free moments.

He wrote several other books, but it was not until 1993 that he made his breakthrough with Along Came a Spider. Using his professional expertise, Patterson organized a TV advertising for the novel that would help him become a bestseller. Patterson quit his leadership career in 1996 to concentrate on writing.

Much of Patterson's books have introduced Detective Alex Cross, the Spider hero. Further, Weitere Cross-B├╝cher sind Kiss the Girls in 1995, Pop Goes the Weasel (1999), Violets Are Blue (2001), Mary, Mary (2005) et Cross My Heart in 2013 (2013). Morgan Freeman and Tyler Perry have both depicted Alex Cross in film adaptions.

He has also authored a number of books about New York private investigator Michael Bennett with 10 adopted kids. Yet another of Patterson's favorite shows is Women's Murder Club, which was transformed into a short-lived TV show in 2007. Patterson's repertory includes romantic stories, sci-fi, historical stories and even non-fiction.

He has also written books for younger audiences, with serials such as Maximum Ride and Witch & Wizard. Regardless of gender, Patterson is known for creating tales that include and turn pages. Patterson's name has appeared in more books than most other writers; he has published 13 books each in 2013 and 2012 and 14 books each in 2011.

Patterson's productive outputs are reached with the help of co-authors. He first collaborated on a work called Miracles on the Seventeenth Green (1996), which he wrote with Peter de Jonge. Patterson first wrote an elaborate sketch in collaboration with another contributor, which was then sent to the co-author. Patterson keeps track of the course of the history and makes reviews before the publication of the work.

Patterson had a number of bestsellers both alone and with co-authors. On Guinness World Records, he is the writer of most of the New York Times bestsellers - hard-cover books. By January 2016, he had also delivered more than 350 million books around the world. Each year Patterson makes billions for his work, and his track record in managing brands has even become a case at Harvard Business School.

In 1997 Patterson got married with Sue Solie; the following year they had a boy, Jack. Faith in the importance of assisting kids to enjoy their readings forced Patterson to start ReadKiddoRead.com. This website helps families choose books for their kids. Patterson was recognized by the National Book Foundation with the Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community in 2015.

This year he also gave $1.75 million to government schools and $1 million to US bookshops. We seek precision and equity.

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