Jeffers Horse Supply

Jeffers Horse Supply

Explore Jeffers Equine's wide range of horse feeding and watering accessories. Catering to all your horse care needs, Jeffers Equine can help you. Cameron Jeffers is an animal health retailer. I use Jeffers for horse accessories. Many thanks for making my life easier and my horses and dogs much happier!

horse accessories, horse accessories, horse accessories, horse accessories announces our 30 year commitment to provide the best horse discounts in our horseshop. Our aim is to provide the latest horse grooming and grooming equipment and the best possible level of client services. If you have one horse or ten, a few livestock or an entire farming operation, Jeffers Equipment has the ingredients you need to keep your pets safely, healthily and happily.

We are continually updating our horse accessories shop with the items you tell us you need - all at great value for money. Should you be unable to find the desired item, please contact one of our support staff or call us toll-free at 1-800-533-3377.

We will be pleased to help you find the right horse for you. Find out why tens of thousands of clients across the country depend on Jeffers equines for horse accessories, horse boots, tacks and other horse sport related items. Buy today in our horse grocery webshop!

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I am an on-line trader, not just a returning client. To use Jeffers as a contractor was a terrible one. So I had a test sent to a buddy. After I followed their orders to request a dropping ships (and added it to the order comments).

My order state in my bank details showed "shipped", but she never got it, so I phoned. I was told it had been sent, but he couldn't give me a tracing number. Then, about a fortnight later, contact me to ask if she had already got it. It turned out it had never been shiped.

They sent it a new one a months after my initial order, but when they sent it, it wasn't to them. It was their name. It' a good thing that wasn't a proper drop-ship order. So I phoned and asked if I could order a certain colour. You sent someone to inspect the camp and said to me that, yes, that had this paint in store and I should only use my colour choices in the commentaries of my order.

When I got it, it was a different colour. Also for the full rubbers a certain colour had a very intense smell, the other colours did not. What they say as wholesaler selling rates for retailers is hardly less expensive than the price they are offering to the general population. The 27 cent less expensive gumbal I ordered at "wholesale prices" than could have been obtained on their website.

However, their EEO is so poor that not many folks know about their website, so you probably get away with ordering something from them and resale since their regular rates are very low to begin with. You are probably better than vendor if you have a plain piece sent to you so you know if it was conceived and was proper.

However, do NOT put your faith in them to take the boat to a client for you. You are also probably nice if you are just a regular buyer who buys for yourself.

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