Jockey Riding hat

The Jockey Riding Cap

EQUESTRIAN Vintage Horse Riding Cap Jockey Helmet Hat PURPLE VELVET! Jockey needs a turnaround that's both durable and affordable. Have a look at our unique selection of equestrian equipment for great offers of high-quality articles! Check out the wide selection of Charles Owen riding caps that are now in stock and can be ordered online!

Riding helmet Jockey Tack Equipment

As a jockey and horseman, your security and well-being are of the greatest importance. Protect yourself with the most advanced jockey tacking gear to minimise damage and avoid injuries during practice or on racing days. We offer a range of sturdy jockey jackets and protective eyewear to protect your torso.

Buy our high-perfomance riding shoes and shoe attachments for a snug and durable cut. Select from our top-ranked riding hats, which differ in styles and models. Make sure you bring some of your own harness parts to complement your jockey riding outfit! Amateurs or professionals, your riding kit should be of the highest possible standard to guarantee optimum performances.

Jockey's CROMO JOCKEY BLACK without visors is the perfect fit for the jockey's needs and is also perfect for the cross-country leg in versatile sports and complies with all relevant security rules. The difference to the CROMO JOCKEY BLACK RAINBOW is the design of the grid strip: JOCKEY and RAINBOW versions in either silver or chrom.

Uniquely structured upper provides superior traction and keeps the jockey hat from sliding. This, together with the light weight construction of the shell, offers the driver more convenience. Chin strap with five fastening points on the shell.

Riding Hat

One of the most important pieces of riding clothes is a riding hat. In addition to carrying a riding hat at all time when riding, it is also advisable to carry a riding hat while jumping or treating a horse from the groom. Cowshells should always be immediately changed if they are severely struck by a falling of a saddle, a falling on a solid floor or a kick of a saddle, because although no apparent damaging of the hat can be seen, any heavy strike on the hat can lead to reduced safety.

You can choose from three different kinds of riding caps: Classical riding hat is a velvety hat with a tough umbrella, usually available in dark blue, darker and more. If there is no fixed chinstrap, the hat should be so tight that the horseman can quickly pitch and move his skull without the hat being moved.

Size table for riding hat and headgear. Informations about the security standard of riding caps.

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