Jodhpur Breeches

Breeches Jodhpur

Jodhpur breeches in boot cut with clear lines and stylish, great looks for riding and casual wear. This Icelandic breeches with medium waist has. Receive the best offer! You should never again be paying for an equal one. Jodhpur breeches in boot style with clear contours and great, classy looks for horse back and leisure outfits.

With zippered front pocket, these mid waisted breeches from Iceland. Removable and reclining flexible legrests to keep the trousers in place.

Made of stretchy man-made leathers for a snug and safe seating in the nut. Washing of the machines in hot condition. Not to be dried in the dryer, do not use softeners, fasten with Velcro before washing, clean from the inside out. Lovin' those jodhpurs. This jodhpurs is very well made; outstanding craftsmanship with a comfy, smooth and hard-wearing full-fitting.

It is easy to attach because the breeches can be seamed and the bootstrap knobs can be shifted on both sides. Seamless and very comfy. The best breeches I've ever had!

Convenient and great for a long ride. You should never again be paying for an equal one. Look for the best offer and let us know when you find a better one. Fill in the following information and submit your inquiry for a quotation. Please click on the links in the e-mail to enable the desired prize!

In the same document, copy and insert the web page URL from the lower priced one.

Georges H. Morris Mens Breeches - Breeches - Breeches - Men

They are made in the classic way and are suitable for training as well as for the show ring. This jodhpurs is made of a smooth bamboo/cotton mix and some rag. George H. Morris Jodhpur breeches for men are part of the George H. Morris collection. The George H. Morris line combines classic styling with contemporary styling and provides premium equestrian clothing for men and women. Look no further.

Rotate to the left and rinse with hot tap running at moderate temperatures and delicate detergents. Low laundry dryer, no bleaching agent, must be washed seperately.

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