Jump Standards for Sale

Ongoing Jump Standards for sale

With KT Custom Jumps you get high quality standards at a fraction of the price! The standards include a jump to the top. They are sold in pairs. Simple or fancy horse jumping standards for sale. Crack standards form the sides of the jump and keep the tracks high.

Wood Horse Triple Bar Standards Jumps 5ft

Proved in terms of endurance and outdoor conditions, Platinum Equine Jumps are used in various equestrian arenas and schools in Virginia, Maryland, New York, Texas, North and South Carolina, Florida, Arizona, California and many others. Beautifully and functionally 5ft triplicate standards are made of high grade massive timber.

Weatherproof and durable lacquered. All our standards are nail, glue and screw down for a long lifetime with 3 coat. The Triple Bar Standard is a great companion for all our slides and complements any arena. Up to 4'9" can jump to the 5' standards.

We produce all our horses jumping to order, the lead time is 4-6 s. Tracks and jump trays are available seperately.

Standards for horse jumping for sale

Jumping standards are the side of a jump that holds up the tracks. The following are the standards for selling on Amazon, Horse.com and eBay. If you want to know good things before you buy jump standards, please browse down. One crossbar Training jump. Arrow pointing to the jumping standards.

These types of standards are known as "wing standards". Same jumping standards as shown above. He will be taken off the basis to take the jump off the ground easy. Bottom are good things to know before purchasing jump standards on the web or elsewhere. Where do the standards consist of?

What are the jump standards and how high is the highest jump to which they can be adjusted? There is a very good chance a standart itself could be 5 ft high, but the highest jump it can be adjusted for might be 4 ft 9in. What is the minimum jump for which the standards can be established?

What is the procedure for attaching the Jump Mugs to the Jump Stand? This is a close-up of a jumping stand with 1) a jumping beaker and 2 ) key hole slides made of music. Some standards do not use key hole bars to support beakers. Are the standards supplied with extra elements such as slides or jump mugs?

Note: Normally not.) Looking at the pictures of jump standards can sometimes be irritating. In order to show them well, the standards are often shot with tracks, jump mugs and other equipment. After you order the standards, how quickly will they be shipped? It is not unusual for the manufacturer to set the standards at the time of ordering.

When this is the case with a number of jump standards you are interested in, make sure that the interval between ordering and shipment is reasonable for you. It is a jump standart that looks like a scarlet tile with an arch. Many different kinds of jumping exist. Verticals are a jump of tracks directly above each other.

There is no width or spreading of a verticale for jumping. This is a stand-up jump with wings. It is a jump with two horiz... tracks. To a jump, an otter will add a spreading or width. The upper rail of a fork has the same level and the jump is higher than it is broad.

As with a parallelepiped, a quadratic oxide also has upper tracks of the same high. In the case of a quadratic oxide, however, the width and width are the same. A rising oxide has upper tracks that rise in height: When the jump begins, the splint nearest to the rider is lower than the second splint, so that the jump increases in altitude.

Downward oxide has upper tracks that go down in height: When the jump starts, the splint nearest to the rider is higher than the second splint, so that the jump falls into the air. It'?s an ox vault. The grey steed is jumping on an uphill ox backed by sloping standards.

The livery is a kind of jump with a small basin under a perpendicular or an oxp. It'?s a leap from livery. When you find a range of jump standards that you like at Amazon but can't buy right away, you can put them in your basket at any time to make them easier to find later.

For the most part, Amazon will keep a record of your standards and everything else in your basket for 90 workingdays. If you want to checkout with other articles in the meantime, click on "Save for later" to move the standards to a seperate, yet easily found drop-down menu under your basket.

Important: If you put articles in your Amazon basket or in the file "Save for later", they will NOT be reserved! Screenshots with the link "Delete" and "Save for later" when an article is in the Amazon basket.

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