Jump Stands for Sale

Diving stand for sale

Fiberglass high jump stands and collapsible stands are available. High Jump accessories give you an elitist and stylish feeling at an affordable price. Jumping stand < Our poducts The Jump Stands and Wings have been described by pros as the most secure on the boardwheel. The pedestals are more secure and forgivable than timber or steel and have no hard or clear corners. The FEI-Appved security cups fit directly on our stands without keyholes and cost a small part of the cost of any other cups.

Our jumping stand's pedestal designs offer far more strength than most of the other synthetic cracks with metal pedestals and conventional wood cracks, and all this at a lower overall density. Proven against other strong wind leaps without additional sand bags or heavy loads, our leaps survived the hard metal foot and wood leaps while being Light.

The reason for this is the outstanding base area of our pedestals, which have been specially developed and constructed to ensure the greatest possible rigidity without being excessively difficult or inconvenient. It can be installed on walls/fences with 3 instead of 4 legs, no clear or pointed corners. Stonger than many others with wood and metal legs.

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We have found a niche in the high-end, inexpensive wooden jumping outfit. The Aaron saw the possibility to close this loophole and produces high class wooden jumpers, stands and pen. Each of our cracks is made of processed wood and painted on the outside.

The stands are made of galvanised and keyhole-guided galvanised metal with stainless shells. Have a look at our tried-and-tested base constructions and we will be pleased to create an individual filling or sash according to your wishes. Sashes in various styles with 1.2m and 1.7m heights from $170 per set.

Miniature wing for 1.0m height $125 per couple. Two 3m long wooden boards in Thursday gray and two 3m long boards in Thursday gray and whiten. Very durable booth designs. Great jump bundles of good workmanship! Galvanized keyhole tracker on the stands.

They are finished and can be kept as they are, but for the durability of the wood it is best!

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