Jumper Horses for Sale

Show jumpers for sale

Sell Spotlight Hunters, Show Jumpers, Ponies & Riding Horses. Sales of junior and amateur show jumpers in Normandy, France. The horses are hunters and show jumpers. Also available outside the USA. For sale selected hunter jumpers from the best German stables.

Jumpinghorses for sale

Beautiful coloured ApHC-columnfoal. Sporty and cute views! She is a trained rider and a good movers. Sporty versatility or show-jump view! He/she is a trainer of young horses and.... The Obvioustar Sierra (Sierras Sonnny by Sons Dee Bar) dam: Large, long-legged filly. Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick! The filly is 100% healthy.

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Jumpinghorses for sale

Selling it:: Breed: Sex: Selling it:: Breed: Sex: Selling it:: Breed: Sex: Selling it:: Breed: Sex: Selling it:: Import 2009 Holstein gelding, currently third level, also likes to show jumping. Breed: Sex: Selling it:: Breed: Sex: Selling it:: Elegant, light, uphill, FUN & Talents Import Holland Boy! Breed: Sex: Selling it::

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Show jumpers for sale

If you are a "pupil" of Captain Federico Caprilli and you think that a front stance with short stapes does not affect a horse's equilibrium in overcoming an obstacle, or if you feel more at ease with the backseat riding technique, you will find the best jumpers for sale in our classifieds.

In our classifieds, show jumpers are "champions" in the truest meaning of the term, from Grand Prix to the PUISENTAN! Ages: Handmade, custom-made wooden frames for stables for horses and events. Ages: Beautiful big pony for sale!

Cardiff, Gelding Attack

High-value equestrian thoroughbred - also ideal for amateur use. Prepared for 1.45 m. Placed 1.40 m. Straightforward, light to drive. Ranked 7.8 in the 1.10 m young horses test, prepared for 1.20 m. Straightforward for almost every horseman. Jumper or huntsman with good paces, first small steps under the back.

Well-bred, kind hunter's brochure of Colestus. He is an appealing sports mare who shows bravery and calmness on the track. Ranked in 1.10 and 1.20 meter classes. He is a purebred equestrian who every horseman falls in with: straightforwardness, best ride quality, great talent for pros. Many placements up to 1.40 meters. Perfect for women and juniors.

Confidant for kids, juniors and hobbyists. Jumper with many ranks up to 1.35 metres and 1.40 metres of training. Very comfortable to handle. High-grade young horse or jumper with good driving characteristics and a good balance of character.

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