Jumping Saddles for Sale

Jump saddles for sale

The Trumbull Mountain Tack Shop offers used jumping saddles for sale and demo saddles for sale. A quality alternative to synthetic jumping saddles. High-End Hunter Jumper saddles at reduced prices. Be a fan and learn more about new products, upcoming sales and special vouchers for fans only. The saddle test program offers high quality used saddles from Butet, Crosby, Beval, Stubben, Pessoa and many other saddlers.

Second-hand Closecontact saddles

For more information on the saddling tests, click here. Kindly notice that all nut and boom dimensions are either based on the manufacturer's information or we have surveyed the nut and give you the best estimation. As the makes of saddles often differ, the dimensions may be slightly smaller or bigger.

icon, which means that this seat has been added or upgraded in the last 30 consecutive flights. Size of seat 18". Broad tree. Size of seat 17,5". Middle (adjustable) tree. Size of seat 18". Middle tree. Size of seat 18". Middle tree. 17 " Seat size Tree seat. Size of seat 16,5". Middle/31 cm tree.

Size of seat 17". MN-tree.

Seats for sale| Saddles for sale

Length 16" This seat must go! State of the art. length 16 1/2" Jessica Trainers Professional, 18 ", easily interchangeable, 2014 type, exz.....

"5 "5" Dressage caliper The Vita has a low fit, large kneepad..... Length 16 1/2" 14" Micheal Patch Cutter. Length 14" Both Vintec saddles have not been used more than 10 time. Havana Brown PH Pony Show Saddles, in perfect state! woollen flock, british calfskin..... Length 15" 15" Brown Length +2 Equipe Emporio nut in perfect state.

Length 17 1/2" Length 16" Kieffer Grand Prix dressage caliper in good state. Length 17" St Greorge 17th place finish. Wearing 5 in a small esophagus (can be replaced by the saddler) Nice nut to..... Length 17 1/2" Neil Mackellar pole nut, 14 inches abutted, new saddles and pad. I' m sellin' my "collection" of kieffer Stübben Völzing Höpfner saddles.

Length 17 1/2" 2014 Classic training caliper. In very good shape for 2 years only, no big mistakes. Length17 1/2" Beautiful Prestige Modena training caliper, used 10 time, so that it is in excellent state. 17inch Kent and Masters S-Series training caliper, with large outer kneeblock. Length 17" Nice nut, which is in very good state.

Length 16 1/2" Very nice Rosli jumping caliper. Handmade in Switzerland, made of fine leathers, so..... Length17 " Brown Bates Pony Elevation jumping seat 15 ". It is in excellent state. Length15 " South American handmade crafted handmade crafted handmade fenders wing yoke Length15 " South..... Length 16" Nice VGC nut. Length14 " Defiance Force dressage caliper in good shape, which is only sold if it does not match the new rider.

Length 17" for sale - only retract once. Solo Wolfgang training caliper like new. Kimberly Bates pole nut 17 1/2" fully assembled, with interchangeable slot system, with..... Baseplate 5 inches - middle esophagus (5 inches) - long belt..... Length 17 1/2" 17 inches Peter Horobin Liberty training caliper in very good state. Length 17" CUSTOM MADE SHADDLE MAADE MADE.

Length 17" FLASH PONY/SHETLAND BELL EGYES Can be used for race purpose or for rough chassis. Fenders all fenders leathers / half-breed yoke - suit new buyers. Length17 " Defiance Johanna training caliper. Five inches, low fit, with large castors for knees. Length 16 1/2" "Lavender" Farabella Palomino fillies 4 years old "Lavender" is for sale.

County Fusion. Adaptable by upholstery. Semitrailer with Easy-Change-Gullet-System, currently with broad back. It is in very good shape..... Length 17" Kieffer Lech pro Größe 2", dark color. Outstanding state, new belt strap..... Length 17 1/2" Nice DESAGES for sale, for beginner to intermediate.

Length 16 1/2" Like new nut. Softcover including characteristics of this seat..... Length 17" This rider was the response to the excitement and liberty of my horse to leap large fencing (140cm), not to fake..... Length 17 1/2" Schwarz 17in Standard/Medium Gullet Newly purchased 2014, easy use (no use in the last 12mths) in exzellenter.....

Length 17" 15", fully assembled, Syd Hill Suprema Bushmaster Poley stud. Length 15" This vintec nut is only one year old, hardly used and has a 17,5 in. pad. Length 17 1/2" Like new with trailer, a made in England full grain calf. Perfect state Black Bates Precieux 17 inches with simple esophagus chang.

The 5 inches like new had only about 10 trips of nice saddles. I am sellin' my nice Otto Schumacher Profi Dynamic SF Sizes 1 (16. 5"..... The Ramsay Show saddles provide a..... Length 17 1/2" Tested by certified saddlers Nov17 as well as in EUC. This is the seat with the full grain calfskin..... Length 17" Rrp $5990 Tested by certified saddlers Nov17 as well as in EUC.

This is the real thing.... Length17 " Defiance Force dressage caliper 17in in good shape, nice supporting caliper for riding. Length 17" Like new Lance Keenan mudguard caliper, 14", rougher fitting and mudguard. Nice bright color, wetsuit..... Nice and long-lasting nut! Length 17 1/2" I bought this bike at the beginning of the year and had it set to a 17 hour blood.

Length17 " This small rider has been in the Dakar for several years and is made of leaden reins and..... Length 15" Like new Isabella-jumper. Gritted dark chocolate ..... "5 "5" seal sale fully assembled pick up or.... Length16 1/2" Length17 1/2" Full Grained Full Scar Calfskin Perfect state Completely assembled (2 belt dimensions included).....

Length 17" Dressage caliper Passier ABS Hannover 16 - 16. Measured size 5 inches 16 inches, black calfskin..... Amerigo 5 inches dressage caliper. No, this seat has hardly been used and is in mint state, no..... Length 17 1/2" Like new 15 1/2 inches Windsor Show-/Dressage Saddles. It was barely used and I.....

Length 15 1/2" Rhapsodie 17 inches Excellent used state. A little bit of faded cowhide on the fit, nice smooth cowhide suede..... Length 17" Beautiful sneakers show the backgauge. The 5 inches changing system currently with XXW-Gullet. A 5 in. bay bullskin calf. That low-lying semitrailer was mounted on a....

Length 17" Collegiate Mentor-dressursattel, 17. Semitrailer is new..... Length 17" Handmade Stock-man's nut, constructed on a metal chassis, with belt and Western style stirrups. Length 14" AS NEW, Imaculate Edition Closed Condoition Insurance 17" Including Prestige Silk Hanger (RR$19.... Length17 " CIRCLE Y WESTERN PLEASURE PADDLE - SAD SALE AND IN VERY GOOD STATE IT IS VERY GOOD IN A W.....

15 " for sale, Brand New, Stevens ASHLA Show Quality Stock Sattel. Length15 " Bought saddles end of 2011 for over $5500.

Length 17 1/2" Black 15. 17? Calfskin Galloway Calfskin De Luxe Leather A very favourite dressage/show calf..... Length 15 1/2" Nice small little dark nut in perfect state. 15 inches long tips, middle esophagus. Length15 " Matthews upholstery fenders for sale. I' m building a suit pole equestrian. So I bought for a tuberculosis I had.

Length13 " Rod Crane Saddle - Leathern Saddlery Near new, Nur 6 mal geritten. It was designed for a high.... Length 13 1/2" Made in Switzerland, the fame of these saddles precedes them. Length18 " Western saddles for sale, Never used, Brand new. You' re....

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