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Kardashian Kim West jumps into Ye's latest Dustup and Twitter says she should have a stadium of seating

Still angry with almost everyone in his pursuit of self-destruction and record promoting, this case when his eternally rutting, genuine Bratz-doll woman, Kim Kardashian West, interfered in his disastrous tragedy. Rhymefest " Smith, who allegedly runs West's non-profit organisation Donda's House, called after Yes deceased Donda West's mom, jumped into the Drake-Pusha-Ye fight by twittering that West neglects his mother's organisation.

When West Drake paid his $100,000 bill, she boldly said he should put some cash into Donda's house because Kanye supposedly shaken the place and said, "Fuck the young people of Chicago". In response, she read all of her messages, which included the fact that she had never been to Donda's House (a real home from which the organisation operates):

Then, in response to all this, Tweeters told Kardashian West to have multiple seats: Next, Donda's House chose to separate from West by posting a declaration on the twitter that she was altering the name of the organisation due to Kardashian West's "social press quotes" and the interest voiced by her own organisation -led by a reading?

At the end of this storyline (for the time being), Kanye West has declared a new non-profit association for the youth of Chicago named "Donda Social", the rappers being led by Chi-Town A-lists like Common, Chance the Rapeter, Vic Mensa and his former friend and best friend Don C. It will be led by G.O.O.D. Music executive Malik Yusef.

Because if it's not, no family feuds or cardashian entrances to the white man will rescue your white arsehole.

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