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Riding cap for children in good condition. Junior Air Plus Champion Hat. Skull of Charles Owen Pro II Combining the style of its precursor, the Fiona's Hat, with advanced security technologies, the Fian offers the ultimative hunt and...

.. JS1 is a light and deep-seated JS head for optimal high speed power. Gatehouse Chelsea Air Flow Pro Riding Hat in Matt Finish. This is one of the few riding hats in the UK that meets all these security standards:

PAS015 and BSEN 1284. The highest quality snelle É2001... With the introduction of the YR8, Charles Owen gives young drivers even more choices. The 4Star Head has been conceived for extremes, and is 4Star Headed to the highest possible standard. This is a technologically advanced hard hat that.....

This is one of the few riding hats in the UK that meets all these security standards: PAS015 and BSEN 1284. Snall E 2001 is the highest manufacturer of..... Starting the round of the XR8 means that young drivers have even more choices with Charles Owen. Chelsea Air Flow Pro Suedette riding hat is PAS015 2011 certified.

Modern style, fitting and unrivalled security make the AXR8 Leather Look the latest selection in rider cover. Skull of the X-Air Plus is made..... Chelsea Air Flow Pro riding helmets are PAS015 2011 certified. Modern style, fitting and unrivalled security make the AXR8 the latest selection in rider cover.

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Kid's Horse Riding Clothes....The Essents.

If your kid is new to riding or has been around a horse since they were a dead make sure you have all the essential items to get them out in this season' s kits. Horseback riding is a great way to bring the youngsters outside this year. Riding can help them to be quiet, tolerant and thoughtful and can be a good way to consume surplus power!

Riding does not necessarily exceed the budgets of those who are just beginning. When you are not sure if your baby will like riding, why not take them to your riding academy? So your kid can learn the fundamentals in a safer and more entertaining setting.

Riding hats are a necessary item of equipping for every type of horsebiker. The helmet protects the helmet in case of a crash and must be certificated according to the latest security standards PAS015:2011 and (BS)EN1384. Champion Junior Plus Skull Has provides superior coverage and there are a wide range of different colored silk hats that give a touch of color!

The Champion Junior CPX3000 Velvet Riding Hat is a good option for a more classic look. There' is a large selection of riding shoes to meet your child's needs. You can wear long shoes or shorts to help keep your ankles protected and provide stapes uplift.

The boot must have a small step to keep the feet from sliding through the stirrups and getting trapped and a flat insole. The Dublin Universal Childs Tall Boot is a great first boot that protects the lower thigh while riding and is also great for spraying through all the pools in the quad!

Jodhpur shoes are a good option for kids for a more casual look. The Saxon Childs Action Jodhpur Boot is a high quality boot, perfect for newbies. Yodhpurs are elastic pants that have been developed especially for comfy, protective and flexible saddles. Sires Wessex Jodhpursare great value breeches that come in a wide range of colors.

It is always a good idea to wear a watertight raincoat or raincoat to keep out the winds and rains in the unforeseen UK weathers. The coats should allow good arm and shoulder movements in and out of the seat and be zippered while riding to prevent them from fluttering and chafing the pony.

Ariat Childs Meander's jacket is developed for small horsemen and the new horse pressure is ideal for any little freak! It is definitely a must for new drivers to keep small arms away from the rein. Shires Childs Newbury mittens are comfy, pimpled palm comfort glove with reinforced rein for added rein support and elasticity.

Riding outfits are not without a bangshirt! Horseware Girl's Novelty T-shirt has a sweet bangs look that makes it perfect for any bangs fanatic youngsters. When your kid is likely to hack out and ride on the streets, it is Worthwhile to invest in some hi-viz attire.

There are some important parts of the set for young horse riding enthusiasts who are beginning to develop in their riding, for those who want to take part in competitions and for those who are more into intensive riding every day. Ariat Shoes offer a special design and a special foot bed especially developed for experienced young horsemen.

Ariat Bromonts are sleek long riding shoes designed for both daily use and competitive riding, and Ariat Kids Devon III paddock shoes are classy shorts with specifications that will last. When you' re looking for the ultimative helmet, then the Charles Owen 4Star Jockey Skull is for you.

4Star Skull is 4Star certification to the highest four levels of security internationally to provide the highest level of security for the experienced young rider. 4Star Skull is designed to provide the highest level of security. The Charles Owen Showjumper XP is perfect for a more conventional riding cap. When your baby is a committed young horse riding horse, it may be rewarding to invest in a personal protective equipment or an inflatable cag.

Bodysuit protectors and air jackets provide enhanced spinal, rib and inner organ support in the case of a crash. While they may seem expensive at first sight, the level of security they can provide your baby is indisputable. However good your little one is, he will no doubt take one or more falls at a certain point, so it is important that he has the best possible level of safety, especially if your baby participates in intermediate, intensive and rapid driving.

Point-two air jackets provide the ultimative preliminary protective measure and can be used in combination with personal protective equipment as well as alone. There is a free full range of services in our supermarket. When your kid participates in regular competitions, it is a good idea to invest in a high-quality show-suit.

The Pikeur Childs Fabio jackets or the Shires Huntingdon and Malvern jackets provide a snug fitting and make your baby look like a part of any show ring. If you want to prepare your baby for the first riding lessons or the first race, please check our website or go to our supermarket.

Remember that we provide a free fit for hats and personal protection in our shop.

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