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Skull Jockey Jr. Charles Owen Young Rider Junior. Take a look at the collection of hat silks, which is adapted to your outfit and helps you to keep your new riding hat in good condition. Champion Junior Velvet Riding Hat consists of a lightweight injection moulded ABS shell with a soft padded lining.

Juniors & Adults riding caps - What is the big deal?

They all fulfil the minimal requirements, but grown-up caps are intended for heavy persons who impact the floor at higher speeds. More than junior helmets, they surpass the minimal standard. There' s a hyperlink to a page that reviewed the caps (was very obvious!) I'll just get an grown-up hat that's a big-boy!

EDIT: When I look around in different places, most adults caps are up to BSEN1384, while junior caps are BSEN1384 and PAS015. It replaces both the Riding Hat and Jockey Skull British Standards. The European Norm is a great step forward from earlier British standards.

Even though the amount from which the helmet is lowered has been decreased, the damage to the brains has been decreased by almost 40% and lower edges now need to be protected. When EN1384 was officially published, there were certain discrepancies between PAS015 and EN:1384 which were unforeseeable in 1994. These revisions eliminate these discrepancies and address new areas of security that exist in most certified PAS015s.

Namely, crushing strength and avoidance of cerebral injuries when landed on an angular plane. The majority of British organisations recommends this degree of security.

XYR8 Junior Riding Cap

Our company's strength lies in our key assets, which are to offer our clients a high value buying environment, superior service and the sale of top of the range goods at an affordable price. He has a broad backround with jumpers from the ages of ten and sixteen to point-to-point riding.

In the next twenty years Robert drove on and was fortunate enough to have won a North Championship in 1999. He is still very actively involved in the shop, supervising every part of the enterprise and offering an attention-grabbing saddle-assembly team. In recent years we have grown stronger and stronger and have always adhered to our key principles of excellence, client support and value for your investment.

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