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s-Jump | High-quality inflatable jumpers & party rental We have been passionate about inflatables since 2001, when we began our store with the wish to offer our own kids enjoyment and play. We have since become a leader in the manufacture of inflatables, offering cutting-edge and affordably priced inflatables, jumper, bouncers, chutes and more for U.S. hires.

We' re also a favorite sweater and accessories hire in the Inland Empire area of Southern California. If you are looking for the best inflatables....call us today at our Rialto CA headquarter (909) 873-8487! Stunning range of USA-Made inflatables & more.

Catch your party-jumping with our regional rentals ervice for jumper, slide & other funny things! For more information, see the section entitled Deliveries.

Whoo-hoo! Johnny Jump Up Doorway Bumbly Jumper: Babe

Fully closed tongue to prevent children's finger contact and soiling. Adjustable belts allow adjustment to the size and body size of the infant. Suitable for standardproof doors with a thickness of 36 - 72" and a fixed panel of at least 0.5" width. Total pound: -2.7. Guarantee of product:


Safe booting of an empty batteries in seconds. Rechargeable Li-ion batteries up to 4,000 Amp. High-performance jump lead kit for jump starters for automobiles, motorbikes and more. Bypass cable vs. boost. The ways to get a vehicle started are many. It is possible to drive a vehicle with an empty or heavily depleted accumulator by using electricity from an outside supply.

As the name implies, these starting aids are supplied by a lithium-ion accumulator and not by a lead-acid accumulator. But soon after the sale my vehicle stopped starting. "It' s astonishing how this little thing can launch a vehicle better than a big jumpbox or cable....plus chargers and has different connectors for different use.

" Find the right starting aid for your batteries. Boosst makes it simple. Fasten the two Connectable Amplifier Clips to the corresponding batteries of your vehicles. Starting the truck Begin the motor of your automobile with the booster function switched on and fastened to the batteryd. Run the scooter while disconnecting the booster from the batteries. Strength of Li and Hi-Fi.

Make Boosst an offspring. Keeps its load in the gloves compartment for up to one year - significantly longer than conventional lead-acidstarter. It' simple to find charging wires, recharge boosters and carry on. Emergency supply. It is a handheld device powered device that extends the lifespan and runtime of your device.

Onboard 2. channel output can supply all your Hi-Fi equipment such as your smartphone, GoPro camera, cordless and more. Is there a limit to how often does the booster charge my computer? For example, the charge of the batteries in your iPhone is expressed in milliampere or mAh. Equipment that is often used, such as telephones and video camera, often requires more electrical energy than the device's batteries can hold.

The boost rechargeable batteries can be used to prolong the service lifetime of your unit. In addition, the power supply of the unit via an independent rechargeable accu reduces the charging cycle of the built-in rechargeable accu and thus extends the service lifetime. This table explains how often Boost can boost your Hi-Speed drive.

Starting aid for 12V and 24V bateries. Only on the GB 500 does this ultra-safe, small, handheld lithium-ion starters work for both 24V and 12V cellsĀ . Do when you need it. 12V tyre inflation devices, inverter and more. It' more than just a starting package, it's 12-volt handheld electricity.

The GB70 and the GB 150 allow you to go anywhere and operate your favourite 12-volt appliances such as tyre inflators, inverters, coffeemakers, fans and much more. The Boost model has IP65 protection, i.e. it protects the starters from moisture, debris, dust and other components.

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