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Bellingham, WA. The Kelly Park stable is a wonderful place to feed horses. You can rely on us to offer you high-quality accommodation, food and other important functions of a horse boarding house. Mike's philosophy of horse care is rooted in generations of equestrianism. It is ideal for young riders.

Mike's Background

Raised on his homestead on the western coastline of Ireland, Mike's interest in riding began at a young age. 2. One of his favorite recollections was the many tales of the horse and rider narrated around the nightly fire in the fire. He had a true passion for horseback riding and was a renowned rider in the area.

Because of his calm and calm nature he was able to work with the most demanding ponies. In keeping with this custom, Mike's dad also worked with them. When he was a teenager he was riding in obstacles and as an adulthood he used a horse for agricultural work and transport. The correct maintenance and use of the horse was of great importance for the Kelly men.

He came to the USA in 1971. Finally, he began to help out in a nearby shed - just to be near them. Mike, like his grandpa, began to work with a particularly hard and maltreated horse. Larkson taught Mike a lot about horse behaviour and endurance.

Larkson, in turn, was growing to have faith in Mike. In light of this, the proprietor permitted Mike to keep Larkson as his own. Mike found six a. m. from there with a small stable and an even smaller home for hire. That being known, one time Mike came across a woman who had two small Shetland landonys for $65 for selling - including tacks.

On the next morning he put a shield for riding fringe and the children began to come. Soon, there were 20 Ponys, a stroking yard, horse riding and twenty students at school! This was a privately owned pension with 18 booths and a small stadium. Mike was able to buy and sell more stables and stables with more horse and horse sales on site and throughout the Midwest.

  • the present site - where Mike has transformed a dairying business into a state-of-the-art stables with a pedigree that goes back generation after generation of equestrianism.

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