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4_Sale of horses - Smiths Grove, Kentucky - Local company It' to start the work. It' to start the work!! Particularly my best boyfriend, who has never let me down - thank you Gail Price for everything!

Thank you to the great team, who went out and met some of my mates! Boyfriends make things so much better and simpler! It was so good to see you. I loved you two. Thank you Gail Price for everything.

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2018 Lexington Selected Yearling Sales Oct. 2

in the Fasig Tipton sales pavilion in Lexington, KY! This year we have our first selective blended sale! at the Fasig-Tipton sales pavilion in Lexington, KY! for your blended horse! at the Brave Horse Show Park in Johnstown, OH! Check out the 2018 Ohioeselected Jug Yearling Sale on your iPad via the free Equineline Sales Catalog app!

When you have downloaded the application to your iPad, tap the All icon in the upper-right of your iPad and select North American Standardbred. Then, select the 2018 Ohio Selected Standardbred Jug Sale. Please do not hesitate to have a look at our catalogue! Use the tool bar on the leftside to select family trees, make annotations, make brief listings, browse and browse the whole catalogue!

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