Kentucky Mountain Horse Breeders

Breeders of Kentucky Mountain Horse

The HOME - Horses for sale - Our stallions. Horse for sell in Taylorsville, KY Mary's Mountain Horse is grown on Mary Lipginski's own, White Oaks Farm. whispering oaks farm is specialized in the education and sale of high qualitiy mountain horse. You' ll find that Mary's stallions are chosen and raised for their temper, their variety, their gaits and their value for the trails and showring.

To make them more versatile and exposed to the elemental world, many of our riders have been riding on the mountain ridge and paths of this area and....our riders have also distinguished themselves in the show ring. We' ll be following the United Mountain and Rocky Mountain Horse show tracks, where many Whispering Oaks Farm stallions have found their way to Winner's Circle and have been voted National, International and World Champions.

There are many nice top class wallaughes, broodmares, foals as well as studs, all of which are the typical characteristics of the mountain horse-breeding. Mountaineering heroes come in a wide range of colours among them; Perlino, Chocolate, Creamless, Buckskins, Grey, Roans, Blue Roans, Chocolate Roans and more. Our broodmares and studs are hand-picked at our own whispering oak farms to raise the best with the best.

Sky's on Fire has bred many lovely stallions in his brief stud-job. We' added the "Rockies" (mountain horses) to our yard because of their unique styles, their elegance, their sweet-smooth character and their lovely four-stroke gaits. Almost floating on a gang horse is the Ritt des Lebens, but the Mountain Horse does it best.

in which the breed, education and sale of high class mountain horses is our profession and our passions.

in which the raising, education and sale of high-quality mountain ponies is our profession and our passions. All of our ponies are reared in a selective manner to guarantee the survival of the race and are thoroughly educated so that their future owner will know, as we do, that the temper, the intellect and the sportiness of the mountain horse will not be surpassed by any other horse race.

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