Kentucky Mountain Horse for Sale

Mountain Horse Kentucky for sale

GOOD BREAKED FOX QUARTER GELDING, OPERATES BARRELS, ROPES AND RANCHES. Mountain & Kentucky Mountain Horses Sale Page Public Group I' ve got some commentaries for vendors posting in this group. I would like to see good and fair description of your horse. When purchasers point out things they see or see in the seller's postings, it would be good if the seller answered your horse's question, concern or comment in the name of the purchaser.

Instead of obstructing the posts from folks who point things out, respond frankly and allow customers the benefits of making their choices ba&suck on the information provided by the threads. What's more, it's a great way to get the information you need. When a horse is marketed as a class, KM or MH and someone wants to know the pedigree, the reply should not be that he is not recorded with the claim that the horse is 100% Rocky.

When the purchaser knows that the horse is 100% Rocky, then the seller/owner should be able to indicate the pedigree. In addition, purchasers are fed up with catchphrases such as "smooth as glass", especially when the horse is calm, walking or beaten. Yes, the horse can be sleeker than an ungaited horse, but commentaries that suggest a good gear should be reserved for a well-groomed horse that makes a sleek and easy, even and accurate 4-stroke gear.

Tell the horse's real course to the purchaser or let the purchaser find it out from the tape, but do not make grand claims that are not truth. In the event that vendors make claims or ask purchasers about the health of the horse, and vendors say that nothing is incorrect, vendors should not become hostile if purchasers point out mistakes or anything suspect that could be incorrect with the horse.

Vendors should be merciful and thankful if they point out something they may not have seen and can be verified by a veterinarian, or vendors can further clarify about their horse and what was seen by purchasers. Hopefully the salesmen will take note of what I am saying and take it to their hearts, because horse men have a very poor record of insincerity.

When ever I had to part with a horse, I did it with full openness, and, yes, I have suffered great casualties because of it, but the horse and new owner are better off, and I can slept at nights.

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