Kid Horses for Sale in Montana

Children horses for sale in Montana

For sale horses in Montana. The TrainingHoly Smoke is a talented horse with good movements. Beautiful gelding that you can pull and win and one that you can let your children or grandchildren ride. This is a great horse that fits the family or is an asset to any ranch.

src=" images/bella.jpg" width="338">BellaAdopt Me! or Sponsor Me!

It is possible to complete an online request, but you must have a personal appointment with the interested animal before we proceed with the submissions. Those who are adopted by us are signing a treaty saying that if for any reasons they can no longer take good care of their horses, they will bring them back to the Shrine.

Following occupants are prepared for the mediation. For more information about them, see the Meet the Horses page. And of course the rescue centre employees are always willing to supply more photographs and information about these people. I' m adopted! Or sponsored! So Lamont gave their horses to Cascade County.

By the time Bella got to the Sanctuary, she had some big, dark marks on her back. The vet has the feeling that these marks would be stimulated to the point of grief by a nut. Even though she may not have a career as a ridinghorse she is the perfect grazing plate and best mate.

I' m adopted! Or sponsored! Although he weighs 16 palms and about 1,500 lbs, Tino is a soft love beetle! Tino was often rode in the hills in his former home and was the best friend of his owner's grandsons. His right forefoot has a rash of arthrosis, which keeps him from being riddled much, but he would like to offer his grandsons a slower drive.

I' m adopted! Or sponsored! She is a quiet, soft spirit who likes humans and other horses. She is no longer a riding champion, but willing to be best mates forever. Madeison and Penny were good buddies at the Sanctuary and it took less than a full tag to get back together.

Now Roxanne is a young semitrailer and prepared for an eternal home with a horseman who has experienced horses with a strong background in nature. Calm and soft, she has great promise for a long ride on horseback. They love to ride on foot and are kind to all people and other horses.

Initially, Roxanne joined the Sanctuary as a weanie in 2009. She' d been saved from a flock of underfed horses. Physiotherapy has taken her to this point - fit, handsome and riding quality! You can also choose to have an older friend adopted. At the sanctuary she came willing to study and to be friendly with humans.

She' s willing for an expert horseman and a lot of loving. The Sanctuary was opened in 2008 and was sterilized later that year. Sanctuary has been home to Isaac forever since January 2009 with Sanctuary and co-founder Jane Heath. He' s a softie and Jane is crazy about him. When Jane adopted Isaac, she sent him to Jess Holloway so he could start under the seat.

He' s turned into a beautiful riding horse. Today she is living with a lovely familiy near Great Falls, Montana. Shortly before her adoptive child Periwinkle trained under saddle for five consecutive week. And although she had been on horseback before her arrival at the shrine, she had learnt only the most fundamental abilities.

Our goal was to make her more mature, smooth and soft under the seat, making her a safer and more relaxing riding machine. When Periwinkle was handed over to the Sanctuary by her owner, she determined that her carpal laceration would prevent her from ever recovering. Two years of rehabilitating with dietary supplementation and ankle injection have made her healthy and easy to use.

Periwinkle, like so many horses in the sanctuary, reminds us that recovery needs a while. Alice Alice came to the Sanctuary at the tender age of 2 with only one good eyes. Sanctuary took Alice to a veterinarian who took the eyes out and introduced a prosthesis that did not look like an eyes but partly fill the empty pan so that it did not become a pool for filth and damp.

Adopted by a young lady who loves her, Alice now lives as a cowshoe on a farm in eastern Montana. Having tried for 3hrs to get this naturally scared stallion in a small trailor, the owners gave up. Brought him out of the willow where he was, the West Montana Equine Rescue obtained the property of him.

Although never rode, Cheyenne turns into a soft and willing horse with the patience of Jess Holloway of Bozeman. One of the many horses from the Hot Springs salvage was Poco. Profesional instructors who rated the horses called him âCupcakeâ because he was such a calm and soft guy.

A Sanctuary volunteer worked here in the Sanctuary and I just accidentally showed her his picture. She said she and her boy, Chayse, had been looking at the horses on the website the night before and Chayse remarked âCupcakeâ and liked him. Chayse had recently left his loved one, and had a broken heart.

They were afraid he'd never have a steed again. Seeing the âCupcakeâsâ image, Shayse's mind went out to the soft Gelding. Shayse and Poco are best buddies forever now. Lenni Lenni was initially part of the flock saved from the attack of the Blackfeet Buffalo Horse Coalition. and asked to bring him back.

When you are unable to choose a partner, learn more about how to become a partner!

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