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Rummage through our large selection of your favourite children's books at discounted prices. Children, books, 9 - 12 years old Barnes & Noble has the right children's books for you. Explore new publications, best sellers, favorite serial books, and more tracks that little kids will like. Entertainment, teaching and inspiring kids with our huge range of books, ranging from crime to crime to adventure.

Tormod MacLeod's Torquil Bruder was recorded as the last of Kat Black's historic phantasy trilogy books....

Weird things happen in London. Bestseller prize laureate David Shannon shows the merry side of warfare.... When sixteen-year-old Lily..... The introduction of StoryPlay Books - the clever way to browse and share together! The StoryPlay books provide amusing possibilities..... Shannon David's mistress.... This is the seventh in the best selling Fly Guy franchise - with nice plastic covers! When Fly Guy and....

There'?s a kid leading a weird,.... Tormod MacLeod's sibling, Torquil, was taken prisoner and imprisoned in a prison concealed in the heart of the King's fortress. Weird things happen in London. Bestseller prize-winning David Shannon shows the fun side of warfare against... oh no!... head lice. Head lice. You' sure to find this great title amusing... and itching!

When sixteen-year-old Lily is assaulted by a two-headed hound, she is rescued by the sultry, tortured and not entirely mortal Regan. The introduction of StoryPlay Books - the clever way to browse and share together! The StoryPlay Books provide funny ways to interact with little ones during the history lesson and with instructions and actions that will help them.....

Shannon's loved figure in his bestseller No, David! attracts the interest and heart of small kids..... This is the seventh installment in the best-selling episode Get Guy - with funny plastic covers - when Get Guy and Buzz are playing a game of hiding, Get Guy is hiding in his favourite place - the trash can. There' s a kid leading a funny, prodigal little thing home.

Children's books | Children's books

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