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Children riding boots

Let your champion start at a young age. Children's riding boots must be durable and comfortable while looking good. High riding boots for children are designed for children and always look good. Úvodní - Department - Shoes - Children's shoes; Riding boots;

Riding boots. TuffRider's Children's Starter Back Zip Field Boots are the perfect start to any young rider's competitive career.

Tall Boots for Juniors now available online

There are many types of boots for kids and youngsters like high boots. High boots for kids are the next stage on the way to a serious race. Yodhpurs are great for kids and younger horsemen, but teenagers need high boots to work their way up the showfloor.

High boots for kids are a great next move in the showroom. Select high boots in nice nappa when your teens have grown out of the trap. Those high boots look and look perfect in the show ring. High boots with rear zipper and press studs make it easier to put on and take off and give additional grip through ankles and lower legs that a jodhpurs and half a guy can't do.

Provide the adult horsewoman with a classy, high boots for the next stage of her showcarrier.

The TuffRider Kids Starter Zip Field Big Kids Boots

TuffRider's Children's Starter Back Zip Field Boots are the ideal way to get any young horse into a competitive world. Featuring the classic look and comfort of genuine leathers, these weatherproof artificial boots for children provide simple care and an accessible look for young riders who need boots that are suitable for school and work.

Watch our useful Tall Bootizing Video for extra size help! 1215.5"11.5" 1316"11.5" 116.5"12" 217"12" 318"12.5" 418.5"12.5" 519"13"

Riding boots for women and children

It leaves hoof-like marks on the floor! It leaves hoof-like marks on the floor! We used to gallop around outside when we were kids and wanted to have or even be a stallion. Difficult to find material! Looking for the best material for the best boots, we found that PVC is far better than rubbers.

Initially hoping to get our boots as near to home as possible, we first wanted to concentrate on improving our products and once we reached the benchmark, we can look for ways to get the store home. Prior to introducing our on-line purchases, as well as our digital marketing and distribution across the nation, we spend month travelling to horse shows and shows to see YOU - our people!

To see the faces of the folks who tried on our boots for the first of all. In April 2018, we officially started our nation-wide e-commerce and sociomedia activities. We have been recalled for Shark Tank and even recalled a second times! We have boots for everyone.... which is your favourite one?

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