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Riding equipment for children

Get more - Kerrits Kids Ice Fil Print Longsleeve. Get more - Kerrits Kids Ice Fil Print Shortsleeve. MagicDeal Flexible body protection equipment riding vest Kids Black S/M/L.

jodhpurs for children - jodhpurs for children - children riding equipment

All of our retailer and on-line shops are equipped with top brand staples of staple, clothes and stall accessories. Besides a complete product range for horses and riders we offer over 100 new and used jumping and training jumping and training horses, among them St├╝bben, Bates, Equipe and more. We' re an independant tackshop run by committed horsemen, our aim is to help you find the right product for you and your horses.

Call the hotline: 713-256-0779 for Ms. Helen's mobile.

Our equestrian centre is a full-service equestrian centre. Throughout the year we provide classes for horsemen of all age and level. There are also camp sites for kids and teens during the summer vacation. They don't need a steed, seat or anything other than a pair of shoes and a pair of denim. When you own a stallion, we provide both catering and education.

We have a large indoor stadium so you don't have to be concerned about the weathers. A large campervan class room adjoins the stadium. $135 All-day camp. Booking now, the place is restricted. Join the Campaign! We' re gonna have a summer camping on this one! We' re looking for a young, active outside stable employee who is willing to familiarize himself with grooming horses and to expand our team.

Big roofed stall and light stands. Booking The LAST Week Of Summer Camp !!!! Especially for proceeding campers $500 for the weeks. It' important to take good charge of your horse's legs. 2. weeks storage of horses! On the calendar page you can make a booking for a child nursery or educational group.

To see how to make a booking, please click below for LEARNINGS. On Saturday "Camp Preview" group classes 9 am is for kids from 6 years.

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