Kids Horse Blanket

Children horse blanket

The Horse Critter Kids Blanket Imagination meets relaxation in our new Critter Kids Blankets! Blanket Hooded Horse Kids at Mary's is a brown or pink blanket with horse hood, tail & horseshoe applications on soft fleece. As part of our limited'Chinese Year Of' collection by Cuddly Buddies, our portable animal blanket throws the year of the horse. A cuddly little blanket for children to cuddle, cuddle and feel good.

Children will love to put on the bonnet, push their arms into the cosy corners.

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This blanket is enchanting for my 8-year-old chestnut fan! All I had with one of the rugs was that the color bleed onto the blanket's blanket's white face, making it look muffled. It wouldn't stop me from buying again, because I loved all three of them!

This blanket delighted my cousin, the fan of dinosaurs! Its dinosaurs roar was perfectly combined with the hood cover. Ask for their "blankees" and they look enchanting in them. That'?s the sweetest blanket ever and apparently very comfy. To exit this roundabout, please use your speed-dial button to move to the next or preceding headline.

Kids Hooded Horse Blanket - Kids Blanket

Lazy One's Hooded Horse Kids Blanket is a cuddly blanket for sleeping or cosiness at any time. Smooth polo-blanket has a horse hat with horse heads and lovely detail like a fleecy cock and horseshoe applications. Sleeping time, playing time or any time, it is always great to snuggle up with a horse lover!

Your child's hoods fit over his or her baby's heads and his or her arms slide into the corner of the ceiling. Every ceiling is 40" x 50", a beautiful spacious dimension. Made of light and soft wool.

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