Kids Jodhpurs

Breeches for children

Saxon Childs Adjustable Waist Jodhpur. The Ovation girl breeches for riding lessons or show ring. The Pull-On Jods are an example pair for children just starting out or even those who have been in use for years. Sires Wessex Junior Boys Jodhpurs. Purchase Jodhpurs &

Breeches under RRP!

Children Breeches

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Kids Breeches & Breeches

Buy our assortment of jodhpurs and jodhpurs for children. Stay in comfort and style in the saddles with our protecting leg wear. If you are looking for your first set of riding pants, something colorful or a couple for the competition, we have it under control. }; }; }; }); // Change the text of the switch to $(".toggle").on("click", function(e) { var filters= $(this).parent().().children().children(); if(filters.hasClass("hide")))) { filters.fadeIn().

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Kids Breeches & Breeches

This is a marine green set of girl's pants. Beautiful rose seams and diamond details. Age 12/13 years. Been in good shape, but used, and slightly faded to marine blues, but still look good. It also sells animo-pairs. Small tuck on upper leg shiré rose iodine pants Super smooth 28 with inner drawcord at hem.

I got it for my little girl, but she won't be wearing rose. These are kids riding pants in 24 days marine blu with gray fit. Beautiful jodhpurs, my daugher says, that she is very comfy. Used, but with a lot of abrasion in good shape to make a good deal!

Goring breeches, Marine pantsize 24. Breeches and breeches of 24 cm. The label says women, but small sizes for older kids and teenagers. Yankee Iodine, RRP £38.99. Gal's Jodhpurs age 9-10 in used but good state. I would like you to see my other girl clothes and footwear for the sale, shipping can be combo for several articles.

Outstanding state for children jodhpurs, only used approx. 10 time. Jodhpurs Pikeur Lugana Square-T Baumwolle Greens. Kids are 13 years old, but I'm a six and they suit me fine. These jodhpurs are characterized by a brillant traction on the pattern that makes them easily put on, take off and wearable. These jodhpurs also have an elastic bottom boots belt, which is detachable, and the jodhpurs also have a curled bottom.

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