Kids show Jumping

Children Jumping

Jumping is a riding tournament with English riding. Facts about jumping for children Jumping is a show jumping tournament with British equitation. Riders and their horses must follow an obstruction course with certain regulations of the International Federation of Horses. Jumping first appeared at the Olympic Games in 1912. Jumping is one of the few disciplines in which men and woman are fully equals in competition.

You need a muscleman with a good cardio-vascular stamina in this game. In order to finish first, the horseman and his equine must finish the course as quickly as possible without making any errors. An error happens if the stallion pushes down a barrier or an obstruction or if he does not obey, e.g. if he refuses to leap or makes a run.

Indeed, if an error happens, the driver gets a fine and looses four points per error automatic. Additionally, a driver may loose some points if he or she is over the set period of his or her driving hours; a fine will be deducted for each overrun. Even a driver can be removed due to a crash or does not make the course right.

An appointed judges will decide whether the horseman is removed or not, and if he is, the judges will decide when. Drivers who take a course without mistakes can go on to the next stage, the jump-off. It' a short run and the aim is to finish the course as fast as possible and without making any mistakes.

Whoever has the best times will win the contest. When errors are made, seconds are added to the end times and therefore only the timing will determine the winner. The kind of jumping clothes you see in the jumping stage of a three-day show. Clothing at an activity contains an obligatory bracelet, as shown here, although the bracelet is not generally used.

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