Kids Toy Horse Stable

Children's toy horse stable

This sturdy wooden stable box has a comfortable handle on the top, a childproof metal. The toy set will entertain your little cowboy for hours! Hanover Clydesdale quarter Arabian horse farm stable figure figure figure model children. The toy set will entertain your little cowboy for hours! Each toy should be like this: of course, the children must build, uncomplicated and of good quality.


There are eight flaked horse in this stately wood stable, each in its own stable. Open the stable door to take them out to play, and then put them back in their stable until the next big horse show! This stable wood stable has a convenient top grip, a child-resistant lock on the broad wood door, and an illustration on the underside with information about each horse.

Contains also inscription stickers so children can name each horse and inscribe the stables!

Wonderful gift for your little girl - Wonderful horse stable set from W. H. Schleich

Do you have trouble figuring out what you can get for the kids in your lifetime? Perhaps you are sick and tired of having cheap, unimaginable games decorate the floors of children's playrooms. In recent years, Schleich has devoted itself to developing games that not only provide entertainment, but also stimulate the imaginations of kids everywhere.

They are not the kind of toy your kids will be playing with once or twice and giving up later once the medium bug is over. Instead, Schlleich offers a wide range of detail and innovation to attract the eye of the most picky little adventure seeker. Ranging from sea virgin kites made of snow and ponies to flyin' sea ponies and flyin' ocean creatures to the most frightening animals exploring the Sahara, each and every toy kit from SCHILCH is just a small part of a whole universe.

There is something for everyone at Schleich, so get a step ahead of this year's Christmas listing of the North American Schleich stable with horse and equipment. Stable kit contains one stallion broodmare and one filly with tack and nut, one horsewoman, one horse rug, 12 poddocks, one hay fork and two pads, food, two planter and sticker.

It has a detachable rooftop and is connected to the paddock; children can build an open area. They can also fix the paddock directly to the stable to give the horse room to run. Children can even open and shut the stable windows to keep the horse cold after a long ride or workday.

Small complements such as the double-width gates, the seat and harness holders, the bathtub, the feeding troughs and the name plates for each stable give the playtime an additional sense of authenti. Horse farm Shleich is a best-seller at Amazon and is suitable for the age group 3 to 13 years. A Christmas present, stable and related items are available for $99.

Suitable for both children and enthusiastic collector, this kit will be a popular companion in the years to come. Extend your stable with all the other horse and rider that make up Schleich's Horse Club. Sneak sent the kit for my daughter (okay, really me JK) to try out in exchange for an earnest critique.

Many thanks again to the PR of Schleich for having sent this great present to my daughter. Please note: The labels mentioned in the sound look like doorsigns, and you can name your horse and attach the label to this horse's stable.

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