King Draft Saddle

Draft King Saddle

This saddle has been designed to fit the wider horse of today. A great saddle for the Draft Horse Trail Rider. The saddle has been designed to be suitable for the draught horse rider. The KING SERIES Draft Horse saddle is in stock and ready to ship. The saddle has been designed to be suitable for the draught horse rider.

15.5" to 17.5" King Series Wolverine Wide Tree Saddle 78

The Wolverine Wide Tree Draft saddle has everything from sleek looks to convenient up-grades. This saddle has a wonderful shiny colour of chestnuts and blacks in combination with easy tools for a classic look. This saddle is held in place by the back ring, while the cushioned cowhide back and wetsuit in the skirt provide more comforts.

The saddle was developed to be suitable for today's broader horses. A great saddle for the draught horseman. Constructed on a 5 year guarantee timber.

The King Series Wolverine Windbreak Saddle

A saddle for the draught horseman. Characteristics - Handmade edging, cushioned cowhide trim, skirt wetsuit, tie string stirrup, attachment clips & de-es, Swiss back D-ring, Swiss back, saddle cords and snap release stud fastening in relevin' sty. Chair: Upholstered cowhide saddle, Finish: Handcrafted edging, Upholstered cowhide saddle, Neoprene in skirt, Lace -up temples, clips & de-es for tops, Swiss back D-ring, back pawl, saddle cords and snap release clasps in Levins sty.

For Abetta Extra Cushion saddle styles, we suggest increasing one saddle height.

Draft King Series Horse Saddle

opens a dialogue that shows extra pictures for this item with the possibility to enlarge or reduce. It is our goal to show you exact information about our products. Ingenious equestrian skills are shown with the King Series Draft Horse Saddle - Brown. Featuring state-of-the-art wetsuit in-spirts for enhanced ride quality and fitting, as well as a cushioned cowhide pad and tiecuffs.

Delivered with Blevins cords and clasps, the raw-skinned treed saddle is a very comfortable and comfortable ride. It is available in different size and in a classical dark colour.

King Series Synthetic Western Trail Saddle Package: Discount Chicks Saddlery

The King Series - quality, styling and value characterise this affordably priced saddle line. Constructed cowboy, robust with hard-wearing leather, saddle beams and hardwood. Excellent calipers for long durability. The King Series artificial acoustic calipers are constructed on an exclusively 5 year warranty fibreglass boom with a 4" sheath for a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

With sturdy corduroy plastic corduroy silk tunics and mudguards, attractive genuine vinyl hockey, knob and knob, vinyl tapes, strengthened stirrups, Blevin-in style snap release clasps, RCA back and silvery stick slits and beaters. Rectangular rock saddle, saddle cover, harness and harness reins.

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