King Ranch Horses for Sale

King Ranch Horses for sale

Locate horses for sale bred at King Ranch, Texas. Kingsville, Texas. This colt is an INCREDIBLE ATHLETE!!!

!! King Ranch Quarter Foundation Horses Red Brahman Cattle for sale Stallion Services Red Oak Ranch Kaufman Texas. That mare has been my rock for years.

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Right from the beginning Richard King has tirelessly reared the Wild Horse Desert horses and their offspring were among the best quarter horses in the whole wide variety. Thoroughbred pedigree began as early as 1936 with wins in pile racing.

In 1940, when the AQHA was formed, the breeders were unanimous that the great champ of the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show should be included in their studbook as number one. M. SAN PEPPY and PEPPY SAN BADGER (Little Peppy). His sire, MR SAN PEPPY, and sons, PEPPY SAN BADGER, both became legend achievement horses and stallions of great ranch and achievement horses.

MR SAN PEPPY is not only two-time National Cutting Horses Association (NCHA) Open World Champion in 1974 and 1976, but also won the AQHA World Cutting Championship in 1976 and was the first mare to have won both the same year. He was a sire of LEO SAN, a great-granddaughter of OLD SORREL called PEPPY BELLE.

He was the first ever to have won over $l00,000 in an open cut event in 1978. He culminated in 1974 when he became the youngest youngster ever to be accepted into the NCHA Hall of Fame. PEPPY SAN BADGER won the NCHA Futurity in 1977.

PEPPY SAN BADGER, called "Little Peppy", was also accepted into the NCHA Hall of Fame in 1980. Littittlet Peppy was initially bought to show his father's fertility, MR SAN PEPPY. In the course of his life, Little Peppy's influence on the dressage scene and the neighbourhood horses was probably even greater than that of his sire.

In addition to his achievements in the editing competitions, Little Peppy was until recently the lead father of the NCHA champions. Coach Welch had won the Futurity (against his boy Greg Welch, who was driving MR SAN PEPPY at the time). All horses on the ranch go back to MR SAN PEPPY or PEPPY SAN BADGER.

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