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Sell and buy Kwpn for free. International visitor activity To be successful, the recipe for the Netherlands is the complete riding kit, because the land has everything horses and horsemen need to be successful. That is the foundation on which the Holland Horse Foundation was founded. It is a federation of major Netherlands equitation companies that combine the knowledge of various experts to offer tailor-made equitation services.

If your aim is to participate in the Olympic Games or to indulge in horses as a pastime, the Holland National Horse Foundation is your ally. If you would like more information, please visit the Holland Horse Foundation website or email us at The Netherlands is a beautiful and clear tourist attraction for foreigners; thanks to the good facilities it is possible to see a large number of horses in a relatively small area.

All year round, foals and saddle horses are auctioned at various places in the state. Interested parties can make use of the Marketing and Communication department's assistance; our staff will be pleased to give you advice on the many options and help you find the right contact persons in the Netherlands.

Itineraries are a must for all who visit the Netherlands. This is an ideal opportunity to get to know the Netherlands way of raising and rearing horses. It is a comfortable place for foreigners, as the country's outstanding facilities allow those interested to visit many horses in a relatively small area.

All year round, at various venues throughout the land, we hold competitive foals and saddle horses auction. Please tell us exactly what type of horses you would like to buy. Farmers and registrants in the Netherlands with horses that meet your criteria will be able to answer you directly.

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