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You will love our collection of stylish, perfectly cut ladies breeches and breeches. Breech Tredstep Pink Ladies Knee Patch. Ladies Irideon Boot Cut Tights.

Jodhpurs & Breeches for girls buy

Breeches are tight-fitting pants, similar to tights, and are usually wore when you ride. They' re classy yet easy, varied and convenient, so it' easy for a woman to move when outdoors. Breeches are full length, i.e. they go up to the woman's ankles and are often wore with jumping shoes and chap.

While jodhpurs have a length of and end at a woman's calf, they are often worn with longer socks. That is the only big distinction between jodhpurs and jodhpurs, because the properties, fabrics and uses are the same. The jodhpurs also have zip fastened bags, ankles ( "breeches") and waist straps. Womens jodhpurs and jodhpurs are fully computer washed, so don't be afraid of getting slimy when you ride them.

The jodhpurs provide a good fitting that will help your torso to form well and hug your silhouette in the back.

Precious Outfitters Balance Knit Tight

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Melton Women's HyPERFORMANCE Breeches

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