Large Horse Ball

Big horse ball

Do you need high-quality products for the enrichment of large animals? We' ve got hard balls, bungies, feeders, toys, trays, cylinders and more. Jolly Ball is a unique horse toy ball that helps reduce boredom and stress. "Also suitable for large dogs." The large, attached handle makes gripping easier.

Jolly Ball Horse Toys

"The little blue ball is fantastic for my Pekine /hihuahua /hihtzu, who has been playing with it since she was 6th. However, I suggest a handleless one, as it might almost fully masticate it during the game being watched! I' m going to buy another ball because it's hard and has taken month of playing and masticating without grip.

"Long-lasting Outdoors Ball " purchased two for our gold retrievers. Balloons are kept out all year round. Chloe and Tuck, our hounds, enjoy playing with them and throwing and fetching - snows and sunt. They don't empty like normal shots, and despite two 85-90# chewing hounds, the grips and ball are still there!

She almost lost her grip after only a few monitored gaming sessions. She has molars that are quite hot as a pup and even if I keep toying with her, she chews a bunch of handles on almost a pimple. Could be better equipped for a horse, I see.

"Suitable also for large dogs!" Doberman likes this ball. "Do you have a tape of my stud who plays with his Jolly Ball and raves? No, he wasn't mean... just to protect his mate.

Sadly the breeze has stolen his ball this summers and until I can get another one, he must be alone......... "I got one of them a few years ago for my gelding, who is usually a very frisky horse." I got one of them a few years ago for my stallion.

They love to masticate on it, to toy with it (the grip works well for both me and him), and strangely enough their favourite playing is to get someone to kick it or otherwise compression it while attacking the fresh breeze coming out of the opening. Fanatics, he likes it.

And my Pitbull likes it too, and since it can withstand their pines, it's quite long-lasting! "Excellent for stabled horses!" I don't know what we would do without them, my three-year-old is on his second this year because he really does play with his so much that he actually has a little bit of a grip on it and still is.

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