Large Horse Headstall

Big horse head stable

Dedicated training equipment & tack for your extra large sport horse, warmblood or draught horse! Headstall Weaver Draft Horse Browband. SmartPak's Harwich Large Crystal Bridle offers . drawstring or extra-large leather horse head.

HRSENNATH single-ear headstall bridle.

1" Circle Y Draft Horse leather headband with reins: Chic's Discount Saddlery

By Circle Y-America's leading saddle brand! Leather headband "Circle Y Stretch Horse 1" with bridles. It is the ideal working aid for your large horse races. Chicago-style screwdriver, robust hard- drive unit and suitable rein. Draught horse height. Shipment from our Harrington, Delaware stockroom.

Size of chest collar

Tailor-made headpieces are available at no extra cost. Please simply consider that you are responsable for customer specific lengthrequirements. We reserve the right to reject the returning of an item due to a measuring fault on the part of the customer. Because of the way the leathers are handled, stitched and processed, they can expand during the production cycle and the dimensions shown in the table are for your information only and do not represent the real dimensions of the headpiece you are receiving.

Extra length of polling bands is a cost-effective alternative for different head piece length. Use the table below to see what configuration your headpiece will have. You have two reasonable ways to customize a chest neck. Take an available necklace that you are just using on your horse, and extend it this way.

When outstretched, you can take measurements from the outside of one "D" ring to the outside of the other "D" ring. That is the size we need to customize your bangs or big horse chest collars. D-ring measurement" is the term used for this kind of measuring.

Using a cord, keep one end up to the front cinch nut "D" ring, then lead the cord over the front of the horse's breasts, where the front flange would lie snugly on the other side of the cinch "D" ring. Trim the line exactly where it contacts the nut "D", place the line on a level ground and take measurements from end to end.

These types of measurements are called "Overall Tug end measurement". If you are currently using a buckle, the best and most precise way to check a new buckle is to line a buckle you are currently using and to check from the opening you are currently using to the other end of the buckle where it will fold over.

While you can also use a cord or ribbon and check your waistline, do not deviate from your trousersize, as firms use the so-called "vanity size", and it is exactly what it is. If you are measuring on the basis of your actual trousers measurements, your trousers will be up to 4" too small.

That is how we check our spore tapes for a good fitting. The spore bands are measured from the one side of the tail to the other side, as shown in the figure below. In order to make the ordering procedure easier for our clients, we have taken this dimension and created our own table of sizes.

Small-sized ("youth") spur straps: Big (adult) spore straps: In order to find the right necklace for your pet, use an available necklace and take measurements from the opening your pet is currently using to the end of the clasp as shown. It is also possible to use a cord or band of rag and check the perimeter of your dog's throat.

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