Large Horse Rugs

Big horse blankets

There are horses in all sizes. Carpets, blankets and bed linen for draught horses. Solid Stretch Hood Sleepware Large horse sizes.

The Optimo Rombo

You can get a horse in all size. Fortunately, horse rugs do, too. When your horse has a wide breast with a bigger body, you need a ceiling incision to have more space in the breast and more length on the sides than the normal horse mantle. Rambo Split technology provides maximum mobility with an ultra high spandrel that gives the big horse additional room to move.

One of our clients, who owns well-built Friesians, says that this rug offers "a lot of motion for my larger horses". You can also use an Amigo Chest Extension to complete any Amigo Turnout. It offers additional space for lower lying mounts by "opening" the front a few centimetres.

Do you have a question about the right rug for your horse?

Carpets for large ponies

Sturdy carpets I look at the JHL light weight carpet or the Mark Todd quilt carpet. The JHL medium-weight switch carpet I can only find one. I have a JHL leaf that suits me but hasn't tried any of the other carpets. Anybody got those rugs?

You think they could sit on a big, far draft horse?

Prepare for the cold with H&H: 7 switch carpets for your horse *PICTURES*.

Specifications: Made from a water tight, air permeable and durable exterior shell made of water resistant Nylons, this carpet is fitted with Bucas Stay-Dry linings that wick away humidity from the horse's skins and is available in a large collar design for cervicals. Available in two additional weight ("rain" and "extra"), with the possibility of attaching the collar separately and simply to the shoulders and the D-rings.

Specifications: Main characteristics are a water resistant 600 deniers shell, full liner, double buckled front buckles, variable side belts and waistband, integral legs loop and flaps. Specifications: collapsible buckles, cruciform belts, anti-rubbing shoulders, thigh belts and a large tailgate with reflex stripes.

The close-fitting fleeced collar keeps the horse's collar free from the elements of water and water, and specially designed cushions at the withers keep the horse from scratching. Characteristics: made of watertight and air-permeable 1,000 deniers balistic polyamide, heat-storing 100g fibrefill inner layer and anti-static and bactericidal poly ester linings, which are fixed with a liner-loop system.

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