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Useful information The Butterscotch Pony is a life-size pony that likes to be looked after and looked after. It has many similar characteristics to a true pony, among them movable eyeballs, ear and heads, smooth fleece and a swinging cock. Butterscotch can sense through sensor when she is being prepared, and will move her face to you, and can be whiny and snorting.

Butterscotch likes butterscotch like a pony and can be "fed" instead of butterscotch. "Stick the fake tenderloin to her face, and she'll open her mouths for it, or shook her face "no" if she's had enough. Children can even go for butterscotch and she'll make running noises.

All girls dream of having their own pony! Featuring real -life animations, movements and sound, this incredible life-like pony is a very unique one. Standing over a meter high, this enchanting pony really comes to life when it makes a move and reacts to your caring attention! Tap or speak with your pony and your pony will move its bow!

Make sure you take particular attention to your pony. Get on your pony for a fake drive and she'll make running noises! Take the BUTTERSCOTCH pony home and make your little girl's dream come True! The pony comes with a toothpick, paintbrush, halter as well as a specific adoptive certificates. "Text ": "Fire 7 Kids Edition", "url":"/dp/B01J90MSDS/ref=nav_shopall_1_k_ods_tab_afk"},{"Subtext": "Up to 10 hour batteries.

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