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On-line shopping for large prints from a large selection in the book trade. Buy our inventory in large printed books with fast, free shipping for every used book we have in stock! Evidence of Heaven A journey of neurosurgeons to the afterlife Large print. by Eben Alexander. The Thorndike Press offers the largest collection of best-selling large-format books.

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Estimation of the " LARGE PRINT " books. The books are RANDOMLY chosen. Books can go from good to very good. light readable, bigger letter. BIG PRESSURE ". THEY CAN GET BOOKS IN THE PHOTO OR NOT, BUT "EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE". Books and covers can differ in sizes.

Five large prints from the below mentioned titels. NOT ALL BOOKS IN THE PHOTO RECEIVED - THE PHOTO IS AN EXAMPLE OF THE TYPE OF BOOK YOU CAN GET. And I can tell you how excited my 86-year-old folks were to get these books. 16) HEAVEN AND EARTH NORA ROBERTS.

14) ROBERTS. 13) HIGH NOON NORA ROBERTS. 11) FACE THE FIRE, NORA ROBERTS. These Mistress of the Art of Death books by Ariana Franklin with Adelia Aguilar are all in very good shape, but in 3 different sizes, as shown: A Murderous Procession is a large printed version with glossy cardboard coverings and without DJ.

The Frankenstein novel one: lost son of Dean Koontz [spine broken near the front of the book]. The Frankenstein novel Two: Dean Koontz's Night Town. Dean Koontz's What the Night Knows [Paperback with abrasion, rolls]. Barfoot books.

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Large print (also called large font) is the term used to describe the layout of a text page or other text file in which the size of the text (or font) and sometimes of the media is much greater than normal to meet the needs of those with impaired visibility. Frequently, large-format and Braille books are held by large and Braille books in popular library collections with specific needs.

Large-format English books began to be published in 1964 in Leicester, England, when Frederick Thorpe, a pensioned distribution company for books and magazines, chose to satisfy the needs of older, visually impaired readership by producing older classical books in issues about twice the format of the first.

Books received simple dust covers with only one typ, color-coded to indicate category such as mystery (black), general illusion (red), novel (blue), western (orange) and so on. This expenditure corresponded to needs, but was hard to manage for infirm older reader because it was oversized. Nowadays, large print issues of some recent books are released at the same time as the normal print issues of their publishing houses and usually have the same full-colour coats and coats.

Many if not most if not all publicsector library systems in the English-speaking region have large printing areas and most bookshops have some large printouts. Enterprises that offer large-format printing use different sizes (also referred to as ratios) to accommodate bigger type sizes[10] Among these relationships we find: 1:1 format, the contents are magnified on a one ( 1 ) vertical page and the usual type format is 18 dots.

1:2 format, the contents are magnified to two (2) horizontal pages and the usual type format is 18 dots. User-defined proportions, the contents are magnified on several pages in horizontal format and the usual typical type area is 28 points. In 2005 some enterprises, especially FinHowYouWant, started to offer a wide range of fonts for large prints.

In this way, when buying a novel, the reader can select the typeface that best fits his needs. Type styles usually vary from more standard styles (11 and 13 point fonts) to large styles (16 to 20 point fonts) to Super Large styles (up to 48 point fonts)[11] These books can also be bought in bold.

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