Large Toy Stable

Big toy stable

Feeding accessories for Breyer Classics Stables. Suitable for Safari LTD, Schleich, Little Busters and Breyer stable mates animals. That toy set will keep your little cowboke entertained for hours!..

.. Plastic horse figures with large toy stable. Plastic horse figures with large toy stable.

2 stable stall game set, various accessories, developed for children from 3 years.

Let your little one's fantasy run wild as you take the 2-stall stable game kit from MyLifeAs home. A colourful toy kit containing everything your child needs to live on a horse ranch and see what it' s like to live on a horseback. There are two stables in the unity where a horse or pony can relax when they are not cantering.

If your baby has never been on a farmyard or rode a horse, this kit will help him broaden his horizon if he imagines a different way of being. The little one will enjoy using the kit with his favourite My Life As dolls for grooming, riding and grooming them.

Take the My As 2-Stall Stable Game Set home today and give your kid and his puppets a touch of rural cuisine. This is what I got for my girl, and she likes it. It' a little small for two but she took out the dividers and only has one in it.

Accessory is first class and the playing element is through the top. It' much bigger than you can say on-line. I have a grandchild who likes My Life puppets and accessoires. and this year she wants the stable. As a Christmas present, I got the stable for my 7-year-old.

Well, I also got the Palmino and the Palmino foals. They love to ride their genuine ponies, and I believe they will be used as educational aids in the maintenance of their own ponies. However, the stable door is quite weak. The partition wall between the two stands comes out far too easily.

This for the miniature ponies or the 18-inch ponies? That stable matches the big horse. Is he coming with the rail?

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