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Manufactured with technology such as In-Mould, outer shell Co-Print with Polystirol to make the helmet safer and lighter. LAS JC Star is now available in stores. Handcrafted LAS XT riding helmets from Italy. They are unmistakable stylish helmets, one size fits all. This is a video spot with three of the most popular LAS helmets testimonials:

BKWH - LAS Helmet - Dixon Smith Equestrian

This is LAS from Italy. Bowl with many slits for good aeration. - Already mounted on the headgear harness clip for flexible headlight harnesses. The One Size only with adaptation to the size of the skull from 51cm to 62cm. If you are the first to rate "LAS Helm - BKWH", click here to abort the answer.


Rear crossover straps in smooth and comfortable cotton with a very thin microfiber cover. Smooth, detachable and launderable neck part. Equipped with a non-removable shield with clip. Interior made of Airtek filtration material that enhances perspiration: it is detachable and can be washed and has the sanitised mushroom prophylaxis and anti-bacterial finish for more hygienic conditions.

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