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A further range of head protection from Italy, LAS helmets have a long tradition in the manufacture of head protection. READ HORSE HELMETS AND EYEWEAR. We' re proud to introduce LAS Helmets, a bestseller line of. Riding helmets designed and manufactured in Europe! The endurance helmet model Anvil.

XTB Endurance LAS Helmet

XTB in mould design to make a hardhat more secure and light. Engineered to make a Helmet secure, beautiful and economical, suited to the stamina. Four large vent slots to enhance interior airflow. There are four fastening points on the belt to increase the fitting. The " cat's eye " system was created in three dimensional design to adapt the sizes and fits, and the interior upholstery is detachable and can be washed in comfortable, absorbent material.


XTB HORSE hat for helmets, XTBE. Designed specifically for long distance racing and long trek tours, the Las XTB Harness is built with advanced technologies and fashion. From the polystyrol shell, with holes and central mesh for more air circulation. To verify the shipment state, UPS will send you an e-mail with all the necessary reference and link information.

Outside Germany, the delivery charges are calculated at the end of the order sheet.

Tosoni Selleria

The Horse company specialises in the manufacture of riding helmets for various riding sports, thanks to its cooperation with the world's top equestrians. Coated with stylish materials and decoration for training, sportive and light for the most energetic events or robust and convenient for adventure events like Endurance or Western, you will find helmets for all kinds of riding and use, also fitted withetooth mics.

The Las helmets are the best of the best of the best in Italy, combining the highest level of safety and protect.

Laser riding helmets, riding caps AU-H01

Knowing the size of riding helmets: The shape of the top of the head: The oval hat is for the heads of riders of a size that is very suitable for Europeans. Header shape: This is a generically sized top shape hardhat for a driver's top that is slightly longer than the front to back measurements.

Asiatic shape of head: Round hat is for the heads of riders of a size suitable for Asians. Prior to serial or third parties we test the product ourselves and make sure that it is expert! Silkscreen printing ?inside Moulds for blisters for PCs are produced as follows: PC blisters are printed at ? Moulds for PCs are produced at Cutting of excavated holes at ? EPS moulding tools with different densities EPS moulding materials Helm-In-Mold-Tooling In-Mold-Tooling In-Mold-Tooling In-Mold-Tooling in ? In-Mold-Tooling in ? Semi-finished products In-Mold-Tooling IQC-Inspektion ? IQC-loops Internal Upholstery Fabrication in Germany ?inside Plastics moulding shop ?inside Assembling line Labelling Packaging Storage area ? Replacement area ? Installers ?

Select us, it will be simple to keep the helmets always safely!

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