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RIDING HORSE ACCESSORIES, RIDING ACCESSORIES, LAS-HORSE HELMETS, RIDING GOGGLES, RIDING CLOTHES. Horse helmet for endurance. Endurance helmet available in different colours, with many slots for excellent internal ventilation. This is LAS endurance helmet from Italy. Lovely Italian riding helmets for all riding disciplines.


Handcrafted LAS XT riding helmets from Italy. They are unmistakable classy helmets where one helmet is suitable for all. Carbon Shell with integrated mast provides excellent aeration. This three-piece insertion bracket is available in five different dimensions, but can be combined as desired to achieve an excellent grip.

Handcrafted LAS XT riding helmets from Italy. They are unmistakable classy helmets where one helmet is suitable for all. Carbon Shell with integrated mast provides excellent aeration. This three-piece insertion bracket is available in five different dimensions, but can be combined as desired to achieve an excellent grip.

By Andy Taylor

Since 1974 LAS has been an ltalian producer of high performance sport helmets. You are producing a unrivalled line of extraordinary helmets designed by your expert staff, passionately interested in creating and delivering the best available wear. The helmets are characterised by the following features: style, security and inovation. Made in Italy 100%: High-tech fabrics are used in the manufacture of this high-quality shell.

It' a definite fit for the long sitter. You will wear the same hardhat as the U.S. Team and many other athletes. A great riding hat, the new breed. The 9 air vents on the inside and outside of polystyrol and the "open/close" tear in the windscreen ensure perfect aeration.

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Just like riding, helmets are about feeling. It' about what a hat on your mind is like, how you look at yourself in the mirror, when you wear it, and how you think when you strike the bucks for your decal. And how do you think it is a very private matter.

Some helmets are not suitable for every driver. If you are looking for a hearing protector, the first thing you need to do is make sure it is SEI ASTM approved for wear. There' ll be a sign in the hat that says so. The other helmets are just clothing and not protecting at all.

Unless you want to pay $150 for a hat, don't squander your precious free to try one on. These more expensive helmets will definitely give you a more comfortable feeling. If you try on a hardhat, make sure it is well seated and lies on your face (you should be able to see your brows move up and down when you shake the hardhat while it is lying on your head).

Carry your hairdryer the way you normally do when you are riding and keep the headgear on for more than a few inches. Charles Owen, LAS, Lami-Cell and Troxel Grand Prix Classic helmets are available in sizes such as 7 1/8". That means you select the precise fit of the crutch that best suits your skull.

Remember that if you are changing your hairstyle or adding a browband or earmuffs, you can also adjust the shape of this crimple. If you are looking for a harness for carrying your head of head, you may find yourself needing a hat for carrying your head of head up and another for carrying it down. The other helmets are small, middle or large.

The helmets have adjustable options, either in the shape of a clock face, a pressure levers, an upholstery system or a combo. The Troxel Flip-Fold headliner cushioning system is particularly appealing to us, as it can be easily enlarged or reduced to fit different types of heads. It is important to know that a measuring of heads is only a quantity comparison for both series.

Also the form of your mind is important. There are two persons who can both take 7", but because of their form of heads they are wearing two helmets of different sizes. This is one of the main reason why it is difficult - but not impossibly - to order a hat via the web or a catalogue. This" 7" in the Charles Owen may sound very different from a 7" LAS, let alone a S-M-L.

There are sometimes differences in form among the same brands of helmets. However, this is good, really, so if you have put your mind on a troxel, you should find one that works for you. Quite honestly, as a producer, Troxel goes over board when choosing a suitable hearing aid. There are even two different settings, both equipped with the flip-fold system.

Troxel GPS III is a clamping device that you slide or extend for a tight fitting. It was hard for us to find our way around on our heads and we found ourselves taking it off and on again in order to find our way around. Troxel GPS II is a soft-touch system of dials that allows the driver to put on or take off the watch with one finger.

The Aegis helmets from Devon-Aire are the perfect choice if you like the face system. Helmets are made of woven or woven material with a cover upholstered in either microfibre or upholstery. Helmets without surplus parachute in the area of the jaw are preferred. While some Troxel helmets are supplied with the strap inside the adjusting system, nearer to the top, others are attached so that they are placed between the adjusting system and the outside of the cowhatt.

It is important 1) Buy a hat that suits your personal mind and 2) Select the one that suits your sport. They can also see some browns or marine helmets and a few ornaments, but the overall picture stays sleek and understated. The skull cap is the right selection for cross-country riding, with a hat that matches your riding gear.

The doors are open for training. The Troxel Sierra or Cheyenne, or a Troxel Antiquus (horse head) pattern, as on the Troxel Legacy, can be obtained. Please note: All Troxel helmets are constructed so that they can be used with a protective cap, so if you want a light school hat but sometimes need a black one, they can be the solution.

Venting is essential because riding can be tough work and you will be sweating. Almost every of the helmets in the study has air vent openings that support the air flow in the head. While some are clearly discernible (and we like a kind of covering to keep rubble out), others are discreet, like the Phantom F Low Ventilation System in the Troxel Grand Prix Classic.

Lami-Cell has visual ventilation openings, while LAS Lyra 06 and Evolutions helmets have hidden ventilation openings and a CoolMax liner that drains humidity and keeps you cool. Show helmets are usually "warmer" than school helmets and have smaller ventilation system. Weighing is a matter with helmets, and you can sense a different feeling.

We did, however, weigh every single one of the helmets in our study and found hardly a six oz discrepancy in weights between the heavy and the light. The most lightweight helmets were the Charles Owen GR8 and the LAS Tierra. The Lami-Cell Competitor, the LAS Agua, the Charles Owen GR8 and the Troxel Reliance are our top-choice.

They' all comfy, light and smart looking. The slim and light haptics of the Charles Owen GR8 were our passion. You won't go anywhere wrong for a top-of-the-line one. Lami-Cell Competitor offers almost immediate convenience, outstanding ventilation, dirt-repellent fabrics and a contemporary look that deserves our "Best Buy" showpiece. The favourites for school helmets were LAS Tierra, Devon-Aire Ussepa, Troxel Spirit and Tipperary Stippl.

Tipperary Sport Plus has the most sporty look of all helmets in our test with plenty of ventilation. The available adjusting system on other helmets, however, was simpler to operate than the Tipperary's foaming system. It is also suitable for many hairstyles, and you can have a coverage over the hood if necessary, making it our top training helmet selection.

Devon-Aire Ussepa deserves the school helmeted Best Buy.

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