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The Riding Hat

Charles Owen, GPA, LAS and Gatehouse riding caps The importance of the riding hat should not be underestimated. When you say that, it is regrettable, but no less so that some folks still choose to train their horse or even go out without a riding hat, and it is this "laissez faire" approach that can so often cause injuries and deaths. There' s no point in taking the chance without a hard hat. Dogwood Saddlery is a dealer of the leading riding cap manufacturers - Charles Owen, GPA, Gatehouse, Champion and LAS. Carried by top jumper like Ellen Whitaker, Charles Owen has set the standards that everyone else follows year after year.

They' re a synonym for security; all Charles Owen riding caps go through strict security controls to make sure they can carry the famous name Charles Owen. Goatehouse riding helms are classy and profession. Because of its high security standard, the HS1 is one of the most beloved treasuries for events-drivers!

Dogwood London is the place to be if you want to select from a range of the best riding caps on the world. You will find a range of trekking caps for all events and all age groups, from the beloved Charles Owen Wellington Classic to those like the Beagler Classic.

No matter what your needs are, Dogwood's range of contemporary and classic treasures will surely satisfy and exceed your needs.

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Made of Coolmax® and microfibre, this jockey hat has a soft, cushioned band with neckband that fully covers the throat, improving fit and following the face. Coolmax® ultra-absorbent ABS High Density shell with coining varnish on the inside to keep the shell seat upholstery snug.

Smooth, shock-resistant profile - polystyrene inside with slits to enhance indoor air circulation.

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