Leather Draft Harness

Drawstring harness made of leather

The Amish is made of high quality Hermann Oak harness leather, this is our pick for a solid workmanship and trail head piece for a draught or a pull cross. Thinking about Biothane Harness, Bravo for you! Made from the finest handmade harness leather, this sleek western headpiece is a durable and reliable tool for your design. A working harness leather collar that is suitable for your draught horse. Heavy Duty Leather Draft.

The Western Draft bridle is made of the best Herman Oaks leather in the world.

Leather Harness Draft Headstall

The Amish is made of high grade Hermann Oak harness leather, this is our pic for a sound workmanship and trailer head piece for a draught or a pullback. Today I got the design of the halter in the post. It'?s better than anything else. It' hard to find the Draft Tack grade. Their price is ludicrously low for what I've got.

Deliveries and communications were on time and the products were astonishing.


"1 "1" doubles and sewn leather harness headband harness has 7' bridles and a 6 "snaffle bits. Two buckle cheeks and Chicago ends. "I' m more than amazed at the workmanship of this headpiece. i' ve ordered some design assorted headpieces that are trying to find one that holds up to daily use and remains very tough! great headpiece! i have yet to find a better design assorted headpiece

Harness Shenandoah Leather Bridle with reins

The Western Draft harness is made of the best Herman Oaks leather in the game. Evaluations on this website reflect the experiences of the various contributions. None of the articles published in the press section are accepted, edited or endorsed by us.

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Leather harness

Classify it and mail it to a colleague! "They have to fill in your name." "You have to fill in your e-mail". "The" "friend's name" must be completed. "Boyfriend email" must be completed. Your name: Your e-mail address: Your friend's name: Your friend's e-mail address: Your comment: Well-known brand "Boyt" leather harness. Incl. neck, ham, pads, semi-trailer, tractor and single tree.


The harness, equipment or device that is not the saddle of a draught beast ( "horse, hound or goat"). It seems that the harness was designed in China some years before ad 500 and has been in use in Europe for up to 800 years. This harness for equine breeders in the West is made up of a cushioned leather necklace that rests on the horse's shoulder and several belts.

On this necklace there are two stiff metallic parts, which are fixed with ham bands at the top and bottom. On this assembly are the tracks, belts that go back to the sides of the animals and are linked to the work. Others enclose the animals bodies and strengthen the rig. lf necessary.

Bridles are long harnesses that lead from the bridles (see above) on the horse's heads through slings in the ham and back to the rider's hand, who uses the bridles to inspect the pet. Usually when a stallion is stretched between the stallions, the stallions are rested on a back rest; this is a small leather padding that rests on the horse's back and is fastened to the stallion with belts and kept in place by a belt or belly band, and a back band that fully encloses the central part of the stallion.

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