Leather Driving Harness

Harness leather

Leather pony show harness with red accents. Chest collar and neck collar are available. For those who like a little bling, this beautiful driving set is ideal. Kildow Ozark Bitting Breaking Driving Harness. Elegant one-horse harness.

An indispensable leather harness

Inexpensive, complete leather harness, ideal for demonstrations, trainings or leisure trips. Characteristics are drops of lacquer and blinders, speaker holder on bridles, pendant nose strap, leather on coiled collar and fastener, lacquer on nut, high-grade wood, selection of nut width, selection between fully cushioned dresses or conventional upholstery at the nut, high-grade sheet metal tongue at all clasps.

Manufactured in the USA with leather from the USA. Essent Harness is available with either brazen or high-grade steal clasps, with high-grade steal tongue at all clasps. Wrong $65 Maringale, except couple and four-in-hand dishes that contain fake Maringals. Minigeschirr without drops. Harness Essentials contains features:

Trapezoid set Included: or conventional seat cushioning (below).

Black leather harness black 74-7911-2-0

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