Leather Halter and Lead

Leash and leather halter

Nylon Chevron adjustable leather chin and neck snap horse holder. Leather halter with SmartPak Metallic Soft padding. Leather Halter & Leads. Arabian-Size Tory Rolled leather holster.

Sidepull Tory Nylon Rope Holder Combo.

One halter that ...combines lunging comfort, is secure for all applications and has REAL cont.

Leather holster like no other! Genuine controls, a built-in lunging device, break away function and comprehensive leather in a holster. Threefold sewn leather. It will erupt in the survey in the event of a strong retreat. Ultraviolet light plated cable for durability. Select between oiled leather holster with sandy cord or leather holster with brown cord.

Unique 180° slide ring and nose strap knot for accurate exertion of compression and lever action, the result is an unparalleled ease in the halter without the use of a cleat cuff.

Eliminating torque to the top, polling injuries, knots and detached buckles, it is secure when trailers, cross-styled and even when driving. Ordering the right sized? That' s no sweat - we have a $6.99 resize change - or you can order more. All unused holsters can be refunded within 30 workingdays from the date of sale (less postage).

Our ultra thick cables are manually cracked from a cable especially developed for horses. The high quality cable is waterproof, saltproof and ultraviolet. Made 100% American in our special ropeshop. This halter unites the comfort of lunging with genuine controll. The HYBRID holder is the first big revolutionary harness in 25 years and has been tested under a wide variety of different circumstances on three different planets.

This is a straight forward harness combining the classic shallow halter and the rider's own harness, with precise lever action through a characteristic 180 slip ring and nose strap knob. As well as providing better responsiveness than any other halter, it also removes top torque, knotty bindings and pulled buckled apertures, while being secure when trailers, cross-styled and even when horseback rides.

Both in leather and nickel-plated version, which are equipped with our safety set, it can also be torn off in the event of retraction. The bestselling model, the Classic Hybrid Holder, has a sturdy brasswork and a cable chassis. It is also available in a leather holster with three stitches.

The Economy holder features a wider rolling chassis and fittings coated in bras. You can personalize all our holsters with a name tag. Once you have received your halter, we will contact you in person to ensure that it is exactly what you are looking for and help you organise a sizing exchange if necessary.

How does it differ from a regular halter or a regular woven halter? It has all the amenities, personalisation possibilities and functions of a conventional woven or sheeter. Featuring the strength of the buckle, ring and spring lock of a slim holster, coupled with the exercise capability and halter grip controls, and the added advantage of the slide ring under the jaw for a clear sign.

This hybrid holder is the ultimative function and workout holster in a practical look! It can be crossed, it does not put on when a steed retreats into it, it does not turn a horse's forehead to the side like a halter, so it is both more comfy for your steed and more efficient for exercise because it imitates the exertion of a little force that he will be experiencing later.

It is hard for your stallion to rest, so he can provide a level of accuracy that can't compete with either a cable or a woven halter and make your work easy for you and your stallion. This halter will make a significant workout contrast if you are following the art of riding or doing basic work with your horses.

When you fall your stallions, you do not have to change the line of your lunging line according to the driving directiom. Either use race/height or dimensions on the table below to select your halter! MiniMiniature Horses18"28" WeanlingShetland Pony and Foal20"34" YearlingYearlingHorses and Sportpoinies, POA's21"36" Arabians with long head22"39" Small/CobSmall Heath, 2 year old on board, Cob Sizes and Arabians.

Scared to order the fake halter? Don't be worried, we don't do a tiresome change of halter sizes, it's simple and only lasts a few nights.

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