Leather Headcollars for Horses

Horse Leather Collars

Choice of leather collars made of high quality leather, suitable for all phases of the horse's career. We' re proud to sell these beautiful English leather collars with a personalised brass name tag bearing the name of your horse. View more ideas about horse, horses and John Whitaker.

Featuring high-grade high-grade clasps and hardware as well as the renowned Mark Todd sign.

Featuring high-grade high-grade clasps and hardware as well as the renowned Mark Todd sign. There is a smooth cushioning on the nose strap and head piece, a quickly detachable cheeks ring and a name plate made of nickel-plated metal for individual design. They are available in dark grey or dark grey in the following sizes: bangs, small horses, stallions and big horses.

It' made of high-quality leather with massive brasswork hardware.

Crystal Diamond Range Leather Necklace

The high quality leather headband is available in either leather (black or brown) or leather (black or dark grey patent). This diamond necklace is studded with four parts of a silver-plated diamond 4-liner necklace, which forms a delicate but breathtaking necklace. To make sure you have the right necklace for your dog, the simplest way is to check your actual necklace, because unlike bridle, the necklace does not have to be close to the horse's skull.

You have two readings to make in CARTIMETRES to make sure you are buying the right size: This is the kinked dimension, from the top of the D-ring on one side of the nose strap - through the head piece - to the top of the D-ring on the other side of the nose strap.

As long as your size is between the smallest and the biggest of our sizes, your halter fits well. Surrounding the Nose Band - This is the complete circumferential measuring of the nose band opening, the nose bands are conceived to sit more loosely, so it is best to use your actual collar and take back from one side until your measuring band comes together.

As long as your nose strap is between our smallest and biggest sizes, the collar is fully adjustment. Sizes:: Sizes:: Sizes:: Sizes::

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