Leather Horse Collar

Horse collar made of leather

Horse Mule Hanes Vintage Leather Necklace Tack Brass Decor. Antique leather horse collar and rustic, primitive yoke. Ancient horse yoke / animal collar made of leather / Western Americana. FieldKing Belgian Bridle Leather Horse Collar is made of extra thick, high-quality black bridle leather and nickel hardware. Equestrian Necklace Mirror Vintage Leather Western Decor.

field king bavarian bridle leather horse collar

Let the handler of your horse provide you with a collar in a collar. Here is the fast and simple way to attach your horse to the trailers when you need some out of the semi. Like the high grade FieldKing Belgium Bridle Leather collar, they take the thickest leather along with the best of the best and let it be handmade by the best to get the best.

FieldKing Belgium Bridle Leather Horse Collar has a total length of 36", the middle of the 7 hole is 30". Put on an option name tag made of massive bras or high-grade steal, so that this collar always returns to you when it is laid. We will even add FREE machine-stamped rivets to affix the rating plate.

For the first time, keep the horse under your watch when using this equipment to get to know it. In case you add name plate information as an option, but no name plate is selected, we will select the solid brass name plate for you and calculate the corresponding costs.

Horse collar made of leather / collar

on the collar, offer an alternativ to cross-binding with a holster - so the face remains free for cleaning or bridging. A lot of large ranches use leather horse neckbands to mark brood mares with an additional name tag made of yellow metal (our name tags made of yellow metal are fixed with a chrome plated bolt and are therefore detachable and moveable on different necklaces or collars).

Identifying collar is especially useful in stalls where the handler does not recognise every horse at first sight - an identifying collar can help to avoid potentially hazardous confusion! Horse leather necklaces are much more secure than necklaces because the collar is placed on a less delicate part of the horse's trunk and an area where it is less likely to get stuck on items.

Through the pre-punched hole the collar can be adjusted from 30.5 to 35.5 (suitable for most types of horse, from cobs to warm -blood size), but it can also add a 38 " collar.

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