Leather Horse Driving Harness

Harness leather for horses

For those who like a little bling, this beautiful driving set is ideal. Chest collar and neck collar are available. Prevents a horse from hunching between the shafts. Rust coloured leather with brass or stainless steel buckles. The harness of your horse must be comfortable, manoeuvrable and attractive.

Leather harness, suited for all riders

This harness offers the rider a wide range of combinations and is made of high grade leather. This makes the harness ideal for all kinds of coach rides, both for competitions and for fun. Although it is an all-round harness, the harness can be adapted to your needs as a rider and is available in different colors and dimensions.

This leather combi harness is available in the following sizes: So that everyone can buy a leather harness of their own choosing, the harnesses are available in the colors monochrome, black/London, Havana, hazel brown and auburn. Please have a look at one of our more than 120 retailers and convince yourself of the high-quality harness.

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Essential leather harness

Inexpensive, complete leather harness, ideal for demonstrations, trainings or leisure trips. Characteristics are drops of lacquer and blinders, speaker holder on bridles, pendant nose strap, leather on coiled collar and fastener, lacquer on nut, high-grade wood, selection of nut width, selection between fully cushioned dresses or conventional upholstery at the nut, high-grade sheet metal tongue at all clasps.

Manufactured in the USA with leather from the USA. The Essential Harness is available with either brazen or high-grade steal clasps, with high-grade steal tongue at all clasps. Ruset $100 each. Wrong $65 Maringale, except couple and four-in-hand dishes that contain fake Maringals. Minigeschirr without drops.

Including Essential Harness features: Trapezoid set Included: or conventional seat cushioning (below).

Leather Derby Originals Harnesses with Brass Ha

It is a discontinued article from our special offer assortment at a discounted price. This product is for sale in its present form and is not returnable. This harness kits are available at a discounted price, as we only have 1 pair of minihorsesets. Ideal for those who appreciate detail and are looking for a classy yet reasonably priced harness that works well in the show ring as well as when riding at home or on the street.

  • A riding saddle/gig seat with an over/underbust and straps and an attachable, variable tailband.
  • Fastens with breech belt and a lid with lions. It' a bunch of driving lines/rain. To provide free default shipment for all orders over $99, a $20 extra fee is charged for all oversized/heavy articles. The fee is charged for each large article you purchase and is non-refundable.

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