Leather Horse Harness

Harness made of leather

An affordable leather harness designed for use in driving demonstrations, training rides or recreational rides. The chest strap has a wide leather strap that runs horizontally over the horse's chest and is attached to the tracks and then to the load. In time, leather adhesion can become dirty, dry and stiff. Toy Harness and Play Reins leather makes playing with horses and riders fun. We offer Full Body Harness, which is available in different sizes on the market.

Leather Tough-1 harness

This is a classy, inexpensive harness for 14 to 16-handers. High-grade handmade leather with fully strengthened and refined hems. Supplied with lock and blinkers. Making 1 horse gear incl. Making 1 halter, Making 1 blankets, Making 1 Grooming Equipments & Supplies.

Have a look at a full range of your favourite Tough 1 horses, there are no ratings yet.

Leather reins | Toy Harness

Shipment method: Within the USA without HI & AKORDER TOTAL:SHIPPING FEE: Please read our complete shipment policies for more information, which include Hawaii, Alaska and overseas mail. If, for any at all, you are dissatisfied with your order, you can send it back within 60 working nights to receive a full reimbursement, less advertising rebates and postage.

Leather Tory - harness

Made in the USA Tory Leather Harness Made in the USA by American craftsmen with selected leather harness and nickleware. Every harness is equipped with lanyard and rein, harness and waist strap with tail strap and buckle, breastplate, tracks and mouth. Horses - 1,000 - 1,250 pounds. The head piece is measured from end to end of the bits.

The whole scope is survcingle. The overcheck is from the headpiece crest to the survcingle during the longest measuring. The tail strap is from the tip to the middle of the tail strap.

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