Leather Horse Saddlebags for Sale

Saddlebags made of leather for sale

Select from lightweight nylon, leather, canvas, insulated and waterproof saddle bags. Saddlebags - Leather saddlebags for horse riding Saddlebags made of leather are attached to the polyester seat, so that you can stow away your most important things on the way. Saddlebags made of leather are available in cowhide or suede. Every kind of leather offers a lifetime that no other leather like it. Saddlebags made of leather are available in horns, cantles or as double saddlebags.

Leather westernsaddle cases from Cashel, Tucker, Tough-1 and Weaver. The leather girth is used to hold everything you need while you ride. Made of leather, our horse backpacks are suitable for fastening to westernsaddles and are available in sued, rough or rough leather. Their longevity means that you will love your leather tackle for years.

CASHELEL - for more than 30 years Cashel has been designing devices for horse and horseman. Cashel develops a range of equestrian safety devices, from insect screen for your horse to stable supplies and trailer equipping - all designed to enhance the life of horse enthusiasts, trailers and track coaches. Weavers - careful, high quality craftsmen use cutting-edge design to make saddlebags from cowhide leather using the best available fabrics.

A synonym for longevity, qualitiy and innovations, our aim is to supply horse enthusiasts and the like with high performance longevity related items. For more than three years Tucker has been committed to the development, design and manufacture of harnesses and saddle trails that offer both riders and horses the ultimate in trailer comfort.

Most of our leather Saddlebags for the horse have unique characteristics: Some of our saddlebags are e.g. isolated, nicely stamped or leather covered, have two pockets and/or canisters. When you are just beginning to horseback riding, with all the available choices, you may find it hard to find a semi-couple.

This information will help you find out which leather pannier is best for you. Made of leather, these saddlebags are located on the back of the seat. In most cases, saddlebags made of cantel leather are used for objects that the horseman does not need. In these cases, there are often cases and light camp equipment.

Horns - these saddlebags are usually worn on the elevated area at the front of the seat. Saddlebags made of leather for horse saddles are generally used to keep things you need on the road. The drivers, for example, keep their drink, food, camera and mobile phones in saddlebags with horns.

Kindly follow the directions for washing that come with your leather tackle pouch.

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