Leather Riding Boots

Riding boots made of leather

Now buy, keep forever: the classic smooth leather with ankle-forming seams, inner zipper and elastic gore for a good fit. More trendy and comfortable than ever is our sophisticated Italian leather riding boot.

Ladies leather riding boots

I was looking for a boots with some kind of olive. First I was reluctant because I have 15" calfs and feared they would not work. Their feet were a little slender when they came, but when I put them on, they were intact.

They' re good for my calf! By the way, I usually get a 7.5 in boots, but I find that "rider type" boots have a tendency to run a little big, so I got this in a 7.

OPTIMATIC LTS Leather Riding Boots

Now buy, keep forever: the leather shoe with ankle-forming stitching, inner zipper and flexible gorse for a good seat. Grade: I can put these boots over my denim. Those boots are just... off. It was too small in my calf, too big in my knuckles, and I slid around in my butt.

Lovely boots, but too small around the calves. Lovin' those boots! This boots are wonderful and suit me very well! It' not you, Stiefel, it's me. A pity, because these are lovely boots with a lovely form on the toes. I' d like to carry it. At the end I think they are superfluous for Southern California, but it's difficult to find a set of "fashion boots" in my-sized!

Those boots are long enough in the well for me. My legs and legs are slim and the girth of my leg is very good. I' m looking forward to wear these boots with my trousers and my dresses in them or not. I' d like to like these boots because they are beautiful, but the fitting is strange.

Feet are perfect, but the bootleg is close fitting. I am confident that the leather will be softer and more pleasant. Grade: Extremely easy to handle flat strokes, like the leather and the leather are. For years I have tried to find an intelligent set of boots that really go together and are comfy..... that's what they are!

Grade: Ankles were droopy and calves thight. Do a leather boots like the pufferfish boots or even these with a browner one. Lovin' those boots! I' m wearing my boots with EVERYTHING and I had taken off my old boots immediately. It goes well with my feet and is easy to put on with pantyhose or denim or with my skirt.

It' s a beautiful high and the low step is exactly what I was looking for. I am very pleased with my new boots. My boots were way too close to my calf. I' ve got several pair of boots that go well so I don't think my calf size is so much bigger than most.

The boots are not closeable at the point where the stitching hits the front flap and capture me directly at the knees. but they seem small in comparison to a Sam Edelman boots. The boots are excellent, very comfy, come up to my knees and have a high heels.

I have 16-inch calf size, so the boots are tight and slick. I' m not gonna be able to wearing tights or skinnysuits, so these are for clothes only. This concealed gore on top is a great thought, but it's so high that it won't give you the additional space where you need it.

They are large and broad. It would be good if LTS had at least one classical boots that is not a marquee around the leg. Good-looking boots, easy to carry, do I have to say more? Grade: For LTS, why don't you have more of the classical boots and footwear for big sisters?

The boots are already out of stock and it's only November! over and over again. The FATFACE boots are beautiful, many classical boots to chose from, but unfortunately only up to the 8. grade. NOTE SIMPLY in your head LTS buyers, where did you find blowsfish boots and boots, they are awful.

It was too close around the calves, but it fitted everywhere. These boots are a little expensive for what you get. I' m satisfied with the boots. They' re big - all good! Grade: There were 2 pair of LTS riding boots and I was very satisfied. They are beautiful boots, but they are very slim, about 3/4 of the high.

and this is the first goddamn thing that's ever happened to me. Nice boots, just too slender. Grade: These boots are very comfy and good looking and I purchased them in amber. The boots came a little big, but an operation took good charge and they are certainly long enough, even for longer-legged women, which can be something new if you are looking for long boots and have a longer ankle-to-knee-measure.

Grade: Comply with many of the ratings: Boots is high to my knees and is thin, thick, rigid, good leather and the 9 was too great for my feet. Sure.... Grade: I' ve got a very long, small veal. My boots aren't too long. I' ve never had such big boots that have grown so high.

Also I did not find them too narrow..... on me the boots actually hole at the top. I' d rather have a smaller boots in my ankles, but the leather is thick enough not to have wrinkles. High boots at last! I' m in it. Large and spacious. Grade:

Gorgous boots, desperately finding another couple than my 5 year old former LTS blacks are getting a little used. My long boots and my long boots didn't really work, so I was amazed. Finally I found a classical boots that fits both my length of my foot and my big one.

It' s a good fit, good length, good qualitiy. Beautiful boots. Grade: I' m glad to get such beautiful boots. However, the boots were too long for me and I am 5 feet 11 in. At least 3/4 too long boots. Grade: LTS has finally made these boots look great after a long and so far unsatisfactory year!

This leather in tang is so much better than it looks on my monitor, there's a very smart concealed crotch on the top that allows the ultimate comfortable stretching shape when needed, but is so covert. Classy to wear, these boosters are the backbone of the autumn/winter wear and a classics of fashion!

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