Leather Rope Halter

Rope Leather Holder

Cares and cleans like any leather bar. Leather Silver Tip #95 Rope Holder You' ll enjoy the mid-range position of our most beloved rope halter, which keeps its form for a wide range of applications. The holster feature with clips makes it easy to attach without knots. 5/16 " Polypropylen 16-strand braided diamonds. Specifically designed from a slimmer rope for more controllability and an extraordinary feeling, this strong yet sleek rope has a slimmer look than the No.

95 holder.

1/4 " 16-stranded, double-braided strand. Combination of biteless driving with the flexibility of a rope holster for the best of both worlds. That' s it. Like the No. 95, this halter is made of the same high grade material, but with 8' strong, divided bridles, making it ideal for exercise or daily use.

5/16 " Polypropylen 16-strand braided diamonds.

Leather Weaver Silver Tip No. 95 Rope Holder with 12' Line

toReturn; }); This Silvertip #95 rope halter is the best-selling, one-piece rope halter, which has no breaking breakage to make it the favourite of coaches, hospitals, equipment suppliers, trailers, working bowboys and horsemen of all events. Made of 5/16 " 16-stranded, rope of moderate strength, woven with diamonds, which retains its form.

Handmade by Weaver Leather craftsmen in Mt. Hope, Ohio. Fill it with textbooks, DVD's, clothing, electronic devices and more.

Synthetic leather halter

This is the top-of-the-range model of our patent-registered HEYBRID halter. Smooth and tinted leather trims Triple sewn cheek pieces SOLID yellow gold, rustproof handcrafted in the United States Has 100% the same features, fits and functions as other leather hybrids will tear off in case of retreat or excessive use.

Cleans and cares like any leather bar. Horse Education Hybrid Holder is a straight forward fusion of the conventional Web/Flat Holder and the Rope Holster, with the added characteristic slipring design and nose strap knot for accurate compression and lightweight promotion.

This makes it simple to achieve the same reaction that you are expecting in the harness under the seat while sitting on the floor without a little in your horse's jaw. You can use a holster for exercising, trailers, farriers, getting in and out, as a chockamore for horseback rides.... everything is possible! Now you can cruise the necktie in the hybrids, you can do floor exercises in it.

It can be put on and taken off like a harness without loosening any lumps or clasps by just loosening the larynx and pushing it over your horse's ear like a harness. Across several ponies it can not only be an efficient workout device, but also an efficient timesaver!

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