Leather show Leads for Horses

Ledershow Leads for Horses

Browse elegant Arab show leads from Billy Royal, FES and Premier. We' ve got solid brass chains, leather mines and more. King Show Halter and lead. LEATHER HORSE HALTER WITH ENGRAVED SILVER. EASY GORGEOUS SILVER SHOW HALTER &


Arabbian Show Guided Tours and Chains - Schneiders

High-grade Billy Royal showlines and suitable necklaces give your show holster the final polish. This Arabic show leashes and necklaces are exquisitly decorated to give a nice show holster a refined note. Billy Royal has extraordinarily well crafted conical leads and shallow leather show mines.

Schneiders offers such high-end equipment at competitively priced rates. Our Premiere leather show leashes made of smooth and smooth import leather are an excellent value for all those who are interested in an even cheaper version. We' ve got high-quality Billy Royal leather Arab show leads that are favoured by top coaches.

They are made of first-class leather with excellent finish and robust fittings with strengthened manual stoppers. Smooth, hand-ground and lubricated leather feels smooth and comfy, and the massive copper clasps combine beautifully with copper ring necklaces and holders. The Billy Royal's conical leads, made of Premium Grade A leather, are engineered to be more compatible with tracks.

They are handmade from smooth, flexible leather and massive brassbuckles. They are extraordinary show leads that set the stage wonderfully while underlining the elegance of your Arab. Once you've selected your show leader, combine it with a gorgeous Arabic show holster necklace. There is the delicate argon-welding Arab show necklace with keychain and ovals.

High-strength chrome-plated necklace can transform a normal wire into a shaft, providing additional controls for training and other use. High-strength, massive copper and copper necklaces can also be added to a regular mine wire, and they are perfect for training lunging and canvas. It is made of massive copper alloy and is particularly non-corrosive.

This ultra weight Arabic necklace is extremly long-lasting, with triangle ends, which can be guided through holsterring. You will also find FES bits to attach one piece to each leather string, as well as adaptor belts that can be adjusted to transform a scale or holster for use in the palm of your hands.

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